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Q1. What does “engagement gap” mean?

Week 11 Mock Online Timed Assessment (OTA)  / Mock Exam

Section A Mock OTA x 3     Answer all 3              Spend 6 minutes on Section A

Section B Mock OTA x 2     Answer ONE essay from a choice of Two (35 minutes)

N.B April’s Online Timed Assessment (OTA): 10 Qs in A and 4 Qs in Section B

[In the OTA Section A:  answer 10 x Qs + extension Qs (answer all)

In the OTA Section B: Answer TWO from a choice of FOUR (850 words each)]

Section A:  Highlight ONE answer from the choice of five in each multiple choice question. Then answer the Extension Question with two facts by completing the partially written sentences.

3 sample Qs with extension Qs (3 marks per Q)

The answers to Section A will be posted in the week 11 folder, after the mock OTA

Q1. What does “engagement gap” mean?

i. The engagement gap is the gap between optimal engagement and the current engagement levels

ii. Means people are not getting engaged/married

iii. Means employees at workforce hate their job

iv. Means employees in the workforce are not fully engaged or are disengaged

v. None of above  [1 mark]                     

1b Extension Question: Give two consequences of the engagement gap?

i)         Consequence one would be

ii)       Consequence two would be                                                   [2 marks]

Q2. Puncheva-Michelotti et al.’s research (2018) into using CSR to attract candidates found:

                              i.        Companies with a poor CSR reputation often took advantage of any little gain to attract candidates

                            ii.        Companies misrepresented their CSR reputation when advertising vacancies

                           iii.        Companies with a great CSR reputation took little advantage of their CSR image to attract candidates

                           iv.        Companies did not know that their CSR reputation was as high as it was

                            v.        Companies compared their CSR reputation to other companies to attract candidates.                                                       [1 mark]

2b Extension Question: Suggest two reasons why a good CSR reputation might attract candidates

a)    A good CSR reputation might attract candidates because

b)    A good CSR reputation might also attract candidates because




Q3. Kaplan & Norton (1996;2001) claim that the BSC helps to

                      i.                Align managerial performance to organizational strategy

                    ii.                Align the organization’s strategy to the individual capability

                   iii.                Align team performance with organizational goals

                   iv.                Align individual performance with team goals

                    v.                Align individual performance with organizational strategy

[1 mark]

3b Extension Question: Of the 4 perspectives in the Balanced Scorecard outline what TWO of these would evaluate


iii)      Perspective Name: ______________

This evaluates

iv)      Perspective Name ________________

This evaluates

                                                                                                                        [2 marks] 


Section B begins on the next page 


Section B


The feedback you receive during your arranged appointment will relate to the essay structure and content of the essay you chose from the two below.

Here are two mock OTA questions.

Choose ONE & write an academic essay in 35 minutes within 850 words.


Use 2 x models taught on the module


3 x journal references


Refer to something in the business news that is relevant to your topic  

Coaching and Leadership                                  

Using Leadership and Coaching models learnt on the module, consider how you can use them to encourage Employee Engagement.  (35 marks: 850 words)


Application of GHRM for Sustainability           

Speaking as the HR Director, persuade your board of directors that your recent start-up organization should adopt a Green HRM approach. Use at least two models taught on the module to support your arguments.

                                                                                                                                                (35 marks: 850 words)

Use the essay format given to you on the module

Email your essay to your tutor by midnight on 29th March

Email addresses for all staff are in the Module Handbook

Begin your chosen essay here.

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