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This should be written as a consultants report that analyses and evaluates the main problem(s) facing Sports Direct based on at least two of the materials above

Element 011 2,000 Word Written Consultant Report (75% of final mark)

Task: On 20th December students are required to submit an individual piece of work. This should be written as a consultants report that analyses and evaluates the main problem(s) facing Sports Direct based on at least two of the materials above. Students can build on the problem(s) identified in their presentations, or expand their work to consider different problems. This will be a 2,000 word report worth 75% of the final mark. The use of theory and academic literature to support your arguments is essential. The final part of the report MUST include some self-reflection that indicates how students have amended their work based on the feedback from their mid-term assessment.

Students will be marked on their:

1) Introduction (10% of mark) to the problem(s) facing Sports Direct, and an outline of the report;

2) Main body (30%) – Discussion and evaluation of the challenge(s) Sports Direct is/are facing, linked to theory and practice used in the module to explain the challenge(s);

3) Conclusion and Recommendations (40%) – as a consultant, provide realistic and relevant recommendations to Sports Direct using theories and evidence;

4) Self-reflection (10%) based on feedback from the presentation / 500 word summary (this section MUST include evidence of how you have used the feedback received from your mid-term assessment to complete this second piece of work – it can be presented as a table)

5) Presentation (10%) - Clear, academic writing and proper referencing.


The self-reflection section must be based on the feedback you received from your mid-term assessment piece. Ideally this would be included as an appendix to your written reports, and show that you have read the feedback given to identify the main areas which require improvement in relation to the marking criteria. Having identified these, you must then provide a short summary of how you have improved your work and what your key learning objective will be for the next piece of work you submit. You might like to structure your self-reflection in the following way: Take 2 or 3 points for improvement from the previous mid-term assessment feedback (e.g. structure, referencing, criticality, use of examples), work on them while completing the final assignment for this module and complete the table, indicating:

• What points you have worked on

• Your evaluation of the progress made of the points identified

• Your future learning objective which you can include in future assignments

Proposed format for reflective section

Area for improvement identified from previous feedback How I have improved and made progress (evidence required) My future learning objective which I will work to achieve in the next assignment I submit

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