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Unit 5: Food and Beverage Operations Management

Unit 5: Food and Beverage Operations Management 

LO1 Understand different food and beverage production and service systems

1.1 discuss the characteristics of food production and food and beverage service systems

1.2 discuss teeters affecting recipe and menus for specific systems

1.3 compare the cost and staffing implications for different: systems

1.4 justify the suitability of systems for particular food and beverage outlets

LO2 Understand the financial controls used in food and beverage operations

2.1  discuss the use of financial statements in food and beverage operations

2.2  demonstrate the use of cost and pricing processes

2.3  analyse the purchasing process

LO3 Be able to device menus for hospitality events

3.1  compile food and beverage menus for a hospitality event

3.2  justify the selection and suitability of recipes for menus

LO4 Be able to provide food and beverage services for hospitality events

4.1 plan a food and beverage service for a hospitality event within an agreed budget

4.2 implement the planned service maintaining standards of quality and health, safety and security

4.3 evaluate factors to determine the success of the service, making recommendations for improvement

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