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You are required to submit your work within the bounds of the University Infringement of Assessment Regulations.

MKT 306 Strategic Management Assessment Question 

Learning outcomes.

Upon successful completion of this module, students will have demonstrated:


K1. Critical understanding of the nature of marketing strategy and its significance for the organisation
K2. Critical understanding of the drivers and factors affecting the choice of marketing strategies
K3. Critical understanding of appropriate models and techniques that aid the strategic marketing process
K4. Critical understanding of contemporary marketing issues and problems in a strategic context


S1. Research skills
S2. The ability to interpret advanced information and marketing data handling skills
S3. The ability to assess communications skills to develop effective relationship marketing

Assignment Brief:


The task is divided into two parts (Part 1 & Part 2) and candidates are expected to address both.

Your task is to identify an organization, either producer and/or brand owner, who is involved in the marketing of detergents either single product or product line; and then  analyse, evaluate and prepare an individual report (3500 words +/- 10%) addressing the following issues…

Part 1:


Using appropriate sources, undertake a full marketing audit (external and internal environments) and also assess strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to your chosen organisation. Include details about the organisation’s position relative to other industry members including market shares.

Provide a critical evaluation of the organisation’s competitive edge (USP). Demonstrate the organisation’s effectiveness by providing an evaluation of competitive performance. Include other relevant market performance data to underpin your evaluation (e.g. growth, sales trends and/or profitability).


[Weighting - 50%]

Part 2:

Based on your Part 1 analysis and using your chosen brand select target segment/s and set clear marketing objectives to increase brand awareness, market share, and growth in sales volume and/or profitability. Your new marketing strategy should address these objectives with the application of the marketing mix to your chosen brand.


These suggestions should be your own ideas but may include marketing tactics and strategies used by other successful organisations or companies preferably from different industry sectors.

[Weighting -



Candidates are encouraged to evaluate, analyse, and recommend marketing strategies for their chosen company within a specific context of their choice (i.e. UK, Germany,   Malaysia,

Trinidad etc.). For the purpose of this assessment students need to focus on marketing strategies being used at the B2C level.

Your arguments, findings and recommendations should be supported by theories, facts and figures published within academic books, journal articles, recognised business magazines and market intelligence reports.

Assessment Regulations

  1. You are required to submit your work within the bounds of the University Infringement of Assessment Regulations.
  1. Your assignment must be submitted to SunSpace and JIRA in electronic form with an accurately and clearly completed title page.
  1. All Students must submit a Turnitin© report along with their assignment to JIRA. If under any circumstances the assignment is submitted without this, the final mark will be withheld and there will be potential delays.
  1. Students may submit drafts through Turnitin and generate reports prior to submission. The last submission prior to the deadline will be deemed to be the final submission for assessment purposes. Please note that you need to allow 24 hours between submissions through Turnitin to generate a fresh/new/different report so please do not leave submission to the last moment.
  1. All works submitted MUST be original. If under any circumstances a student is found to be violating any of the `Academic Integrity` rules, the university deserves the right to take legal and disciplinary actions against the individual.

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