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1. Demonstrate systematic understanding of leadership theory and its relevance to contemporary businesses

Individual Report: 21st-century leadership (1500 words)

Write a report identifying the challenges organizations face in ONE of the following issues; 

1. Diversity (identify how you will consider diversity i.e. generational, ethnicity, specialism/expertise etc.- you may use one aspect only)

2. New working arrangements (e.g. zero hours contracts, fixed term contracts) (use one of the new forms of arrangements only) 

You should then discuss how theory may assist in resolving the challenge you have identified and point out any limitations or difficulties. 

Write your report from the perspective of consultant to the company/industry which includes; Demonstrate systematic understanding of leadership theory and its relevance to contemporary businesses

a) Clear identification of the specific challenge with details of how it impacts on the employees and the business of your choice as well as the difficulties this presents for leaders

b) Identify the kind of leadership best suited to resolving/minimising the challenges outlined. 

c) Discuss how specific aspects of theory can help improve the situation for the benefit of the organisation and those involved. 

d) You should provide recommendations which are actionable and feasible. 

Learning Outcomes:

1. Demonstrate systematic understanding of leadership theory and its relevance to contemporary businesses

2. Devise and sustain arguments in relation to contemporary issues in leadership and negotiation, including gender, ethics and cultural diversity

3. Demonstrate coherent and detailed knowledge informed by current research of key leadership theories approaches to leadership and negotiation in diverse contexts.

4. Describe and comment on challenges faced by leaders in contemporary business


  • Building on the work completed in the presentation, students identify a leadership challenge which involves issues for leadership (chosen from: new working arrangements, diversity, technological change).
  • The research on this challenge should identify the impact for leadership and identify specific attitudes and or behaviours of followers mustpoint out the implications for those involved.
  • The challenge should be present now or emerging.
  • The candidate then considers which leadership theories may help minimise or resolve the challenge which is informed by research.
  • They should present arguments for adoption of particular approaches using evidence to inform.
  • Further, they should generate suggestions as to how leaders and followers influence the goals of the organisation resulting in positive outcomes for all.
  • Limitations of approaches or difficulties that might be encountered should be articulated. Preparation
  • Students need to research the challenge and be very clear on where it exists and how it manifests
  • .They then consider the various approaches, in order to justify their choices.
  • There is a need to include the leadership process; leader, influence, individuals/teams and goals in order to fully address the question.
  • The word limit is 2000 words (+/- 10%) which includes in text references but excludes the reference list insertedat the end of the essay.
  • Students are free to use any recognised referencing system, but consistency is necessary. Consider using Harvard style.Submission
  • Students must submit a 2000-word essay.
  • Demonstrate systematic understanding of leadership theory and its relevance to contemporary businesses

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