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A study of sex trafficking of women in the UK: What role does human rights play in protecting victim rights?

This paper revolves around the history of human trafficking covering all the aspects of it in detail such as laws regarding human trafficking specifically sex trafficking, protection, and prosecution.


The acquaintances between human rights and trafficking in persons are diverse. Human victim rights are worldwide and hence sufferers of trafficking are permitted to the full range of human rights, regardless of their sex, age, race, cultural origin, nationality, traveling status or other difference. International human rights law also knows that certain groups, such as women and children, need additional or special defense.

Intro & chapter 1: history of human trafficking/rise of human trafficking/ definitions of human trafficking (NO NEED TO DO THIS AS IT HAS ALREADY BEEN WRITTEN and DONE) 

Chapter 2 - legal context
What are the laws regarding human trafficking speficially sex trafficking. Some examples:
- modern slavery act 2015 
- sexual offences act 2003 
- asylum and immigration act 2004
-How is prostitution different to sex trafficking? Is prostitution legal? 
What uk human rights are being breached if people are trafficking victims ? - use cases 
- how is the UK overlooking sex trafficking happening today? - use cases also
- how do people use sex trafficking to make money and make it a business - link to money laundering in the UK AND how this links to sex trafficking/forced prostitution. 
- how is it different to the USA law of human trafficking ? 

CHAPTER 3 - protection and prosecution 
- how does human rights law protect victims 
- how does UK protect victims 
- what anti slavery campaigns are there in the UK to protect victims? 
- decriminalising the vixtims of sex trafficking - should this be done? I.e anonymity. - any cases? 
- prosecution- sentencing of such crimes - has this acted as a deterrent for such crimes? 
- what laws are changing in the UK? Any new bills planned to come into force regarding this?

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