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Highways England’s roles are: operating, maintaining and improving England Strategic road network, and using the strategic network to help promote growth of the UK economy.

Module title Environment and Health & Safety Management


World count 2500

  • The assignment is to be submitted in report format and as such should have a formal structure and layout.
  • The report should be written as a management report and include an executive summary.
  • The report must identify, apply and fully reference (Harvard style) appropriate concepts and models.

The assessment will take into account the OVERALL quality of the report – but, as a guidance, the breakdown between the sections is as follows: (1) A description and discussion of the requirements of H&S management on the construction sites.

(2) A description and critical analysis of a case example of your chosen project or your chosen organization (Highways England’s) on how H&S management requirements can be implemented in the project/in their H&S management practice, and (3) An explanation and discussion of your proposals for changes that aim to improve the performance of H&S management in the organization.


1. Scenario. Highways England’s roles are: operating, maintaining and improving England Strategic road network, and using the strategic network to help promote growth of the UK economy. The details about Highways England can be found at https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/highways-england.

The Highways England`s health and safety strategy of “Highways England behavioral safety and occupational health standards” on how to improve health and safety best practice as part of the Highways England`s health and safety strategy (25 September 2012) can be found at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/highways-agency-behavioural-safety-andoccupational-health-standards. Highways England’s vision for health and safety of “Highways England health and safety” (4 July 2017) can be found at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/highways-england-health-and-safety. For the purposes of this task you should assume that you are employed by Highways England as a project manager/a member of directorate committee.

Highways England has already begun to identify the critical infrastructure investment requirements of road network that will help create the desired sustainable economic growth across England. However, Highways England is also extremely concerned that health and safety management is one of important issues in their projects. The directorate of Highways England has asked you to investigate their current health and safety management practice in the organization and report on all of identified health and safety issues and control measurements

  • Be strategically managed through a health and safety management framework or strategic alliances,
  • Have strong project and programmed governance arrangements, • effectively manage the health and safety management performance of their contractors and sub-contractors during the projects,
  • Ensure health and safety management at all levels in the organization,

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