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LO1: Apply, question and relate underpinning knowledge to a range of real life case scenarios.

The Summative assessment has a single component 2,500 word Report

Tasks A

Apply a model of reflection of your choice and relevant academic literature to support claims made about your skills, abilities and attitudes write a report critically reflecting on what you have learned about personal performance and career management as a direct result of studying this module. Evidence for this task can be taken from engagement in class activities, lectures, and your own life experiences. Give some indications of your next steps for study and/or work.

Tasks B

Write and deliver a 5 minutes speech to be delivered in the TV studio focusing on where you are now in your career or studies, how you got to where you now are and how do you see your life and or career evolving into the future. 5 minutes speech and 5 minutes question and answers from class, tutor and invited guests. 

5. Learning Outcomes and Assessments


Learning Outcomes




LO1:  Apply, question and relate underpinning knowledge to a range of real life case scenarios.

Summative Assignment

LO2:   Develop appreciation of the key concepts underpinning processes leading to the development of personal learning.

Summative Assignment

LO3: Identify, develop and acquire appropriate personal development technique and tools.

Summative Assignment

LO4: Engage deeper learning techniques in order to

develop both understanding and application.

Summative Assignment

 LO5: Demonstrate appropriate skills acquisition in order

to be able to enjoy academic success.

Summative Assignment

LO6: Engage flexibility in developing solutions for a

variety of personal changes.

Summative Assignment

LO7: Identify and define complex situations and apply

knowledge to develop appropriate solutions

Summative Assignment

LO8: Develop lifelong learning via study skills- academic

writing, research and referencing

Summative Assignment

LO9: Innovatively apply personal performance techniques

in complex environmental situations for a range of

scenarios and cases.


Summative Assignment

LO10: Prepare and deliver and evaluate presentations

Summative Assignment

LO11: Manage own learning

Summative  Assignment

LO12: Problem solving and employability skills

Summative Assignment

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