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LO2: Analyse the importance of different leadership styles and skills within organisations

Module Number:     RBM5004

Module Name:         Leading and managing teams

Year/Trimester:       2019/20 – Semester 2

Assessment Number:             2

Assessment Title:                   Interview (50%)             

Assessment Length:               Short video presentation – between 3 and 5 minutes in duration and 1000-word supporting report

    Submission Deadline:

    Video to YouTube – Please attach your link within the report

    Report – Submit to TurnItin                             

Learning Outcomes

LO2:  Analyse the importance of different leadership styles and skills within organisations

LO3:  Appraise your leadership style and skills

Assignment Brief:

You have impressed your manager with your recent proposals about building high performance teams and have been asked to apply for the company Leadership Programme.

As part of the application process, you are required to produce a short video explaining your leadership style and skills and why you would be a good candidate. 

You will refer in your analysis of available literature relating to leadership styles and skills, and use appropriate references to support your arguments. It is advised that you refer in your video to 2 or 3 leadership models and provide further analysis of these models in your supporting report.  You will upload your video submission and report as directed by your tutor no later than 11th May 2020. You will be required to provide a hard copy list of literature that you have used to justify your leadership style and skills – this will be in the form of a bibliography in the Harvard Referencing format.

Remember - Your report should be 1000 words with references

Upload your video to YouTube

Submit your report through Turnitin – Assignment 2

Specific Assessment Criteria:

First class: This piece of work shows evidence of wider research with reference to a number of differing academic viewpoints. The report has recognised key issues and discussed in detail.  Several reasoned and logical arguments have been developed well and supported by a wide range of appropriately researched literature. Reference to two or more academic models is clear, relevant and informative. Presentation is of a high standard, and in the appropriate report style.  The high number of appropriate sources has been referenced accurately and to a high standard.

Second class: A clear and informative piece of work with evidence of wider research and discussion.   Some reasoned arguments have been developed and supported by a good number of sources.  Reference to two academic models is clear.  Presentation is of a good standard, in the appropriate report style.  A good number of appropriate sources have been referenced well, with most complying with the Harvard style.

Third class: A reasonable attempt has been made at researching the essay but greater in depth discussion and academic debate is required. Discussion is superficial and lacking in any depth.  Reference to two academic models has been attempted.  Presentation of the report is limited, and only the minimum of 5 sources has been provided, with at least one academic text and two academic journals included. 

Fail: Students who do not meet the requirements of a third class grade will not successfully complete the assessment activity.

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