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Develop and present a narrated PowerPoint presentation of up-to 10 minutes in length that critiques partnership working for effective health promotion

This summative assessment builds on the material gained throughout the course. It will be assessed and contribute towards 80% of your overall grade. Based on the readings of the module, you will develop and present a video presentation, of up-to 10-minutes in length, that critiques partnership working for effective health promotion. 

Your presentation will critically evaluate partnership working in health promotion by examining relevant evidence and offering an objective, reasoned argument from various perspectives. Evaluation is the most important part of a critique. Use the literature to support your views. Your critique will not simply highlight negative views but should deconstruct the evidence to identify both strengths and weaknesses of partnership working in health promotion. 


Develop and present a narrated PowerPoint presentation of up-to 10 minutes in length that critiques partnership working for effective health promotion. You will complete this assessment in three parts; research, development, and recording. 

Part 1 – Research

Step 1 

Your presentation will cover topics presented within the module. Choose between 4-5 topics from the following: 

  • Health promotion 
  • Partnership working 
  • Stakeholders 
  • Power and empowerment  
  • Coproduction 
  • Systems Thinking 
  • Measuring partnership working

Step 2

Based on your chosen topics, source a variety of appropriate literature from the module and additional sources. This literature will inform the content of your presentation and support your views. 

Part 2 – Development

Step 1

After identifying your sources and researching around your chosen subjects, write a script for your presentation. Include your script in the ‘notes’ section of your PowerPoint presentation. The script will be graded as part of your final submission. 

Step 2 

Develop the slides for your presentation. Your slides must mainly include images (preferably one big image per slides or up to 3 images per slide) without text. If you are keen to add text, you are allowed to add up to 3 sentences in bullet points with a total number of characters of 300 characters (with spaces) per slide. Some of these images can be replaced by graphs or tables with data.  

You may wish to explore sites such as Unsplash or Freepik for free stock images. 

Please make sure that you correctly cite and reference all secondary sources used in your presentation.

Part 3 – Recording

Step 1 

Once you have prepared your slides and script, record your presentation. The following guide provides instructions for recording a narrated PowerPoint presentation - Record a slide show with narration and slide timings.  

The total duration of your presentation should not exceed 10 minutes. 

Step 2 

You are not required to export your presentation as a video (.mp4 file). Rather, you should save your presentation with the recorded narration and/or cameo as a PowerPoint (.pptx file). Please include your presentation script in the notes of the presentation. 

Step 3 

Submit your narrated presentation (.pptx file) in the drop-box below. 

Canvas has a file upload limit of 500MB. If your presentation exceeds this, follow the steps in the following guide to reduce file size – Reduce the file size of your PowerPoint presentations


This assignment should be submitted no later than 13:00 (UK time) on Monday of week 8 and should follow the following guidelines:

  • Submit your presentation as a PowerPoint (.pptx file), including script and recorded narrations. 
  • Your presentation should not exceed 10 minutes. 
  • Use Harvard referencing style. The references list does NOT contribute towards the word count.


This assessment will be graded and you will receive feedback on it. This will be worth 80% of your overall grade.

Submission Guidance

You will be able to submit to this assignment dropbox as many times as you wish before the deadline – all submissions will be retained but your final submission to this dropbox will be the one that is marked. Instructions on how to submit can be found here How do I submit an online assignment?

Please add your student number only to the Comments box before clicking the ‘Submit Assignment’ button.

If you are submitting before the original submission deadline then you should submit here, even if you have an approved extended deadline which you are choosing not to use. 

You will be able to access a Turnitin similarity report for your submission in the Grades area of the course.

This assignment will close at the submission deadline – you will still be able to access the dropbox and your submitted file but it will not be possible to make any further submissions. If you are submitting after the submission deadline – whether as a late submission or for an extended deadline - then you should submit to the post-deadline assignment dropbox.6

Late submission regulations

In line with QMU Assessment Regulations, students are reminded that it is their responsibility to submit all work for assessments in accordance with the requirements of the course; you will not receive any communication should you fail to submit your assessments.

Any student who submits work to be assessed after the assessment submission date and time, without the prior agreement of the Programme Leader, or without good or agreed cause, will have marks deducted according to the following criteria:

  • If submitted as a first diet after the deadline but up to and including 6 days after the deadline a maximum mark of 40% can be achieved for undergraduate programmes and a maximum mark of 50% for postgraduate programmes.    
  • After the above time a mark of 0% will be awarded
    By submitting your assignment you are confirming that you understand the Queen Margaret University Assessment Regulations and that all marks and feedback released are provisional until confirmed by the Board of Examiners.

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