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Task: write a report on how ethics can be managed at a local organisation

Your assessment brief:

Task: write a report on how ethics can be managed at a local organisation.

Holland and Barrett


1. Your report focuses on a specific organisation: you can choose any organisation (business, non-profit, or public sector) that has at least some of its activities in Greenwich. The only exception is that you cannot choose the University of Greenwich, as we explore this organisation in tutorials for learning purposes.

2. Your report analyses ethical risks involved in running this organisation, and how these risks can be mitigated and managed. Your report uses the frameworks discussed in this module. Frameworks you must use are: SDG, ethical infrastructure. In addition, your report uses two or three of the following frameworks: stakeholder mapping (network or PLU), trustworthiness (ABI), moral disengagement (Bandura), ethical theories (utilitarianism, deontology, virtue ethics or existentialism).


You are required to formulate arguments. Simply stating your opinion will result in a failed assessment. An argument consists of good reasons why someone else should share your opinion.

Suggested structure:

  • Introduction [150 words]
    Prepare the reader for what the report does.
  • Case organisation [300 words]
    Give a description of the organisation you choose for this report and what the connection to Greenwich is.
  • Sustainable Development Goals [700 words]
    Which two SDGs are relevant to the operations of this organisation? How has the organisation contributed or failed to contribute to these SDGs?
  • Ethical Infrastructure [500 words]
    What do you think are key aspects of the ethical infrastructure of this organisation? What ethical risks and issues do they manage?
  • [Additional analysis: 1200 words]
    Give appropriate titles
    Choose 2 or 3 from:
    - Stakeholder network mapping;
    - Stakeholder salience mapping (PLU);
    - Trustworthiness (ABI model);
    - Moral disengagement (Bandura);
    - Ethical theories (no need to use all of them)
  • Conclusion [150 words]
    Summarize what you have done in the report and give the key take-away.

References [not included in the word count]
Use and reference the required readings for the frameworks.
You are allowed to use non-academic sources as reference if it is relevant for information about your case organisation or government policy.


Here is a link for SDGs

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