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Demonstrate a critical understanding of quantitative data analysis and apply appropriate analytical techniques to a range of data using quantitative data analysis software

  • Programme : MBA/MPA
  • Academic Year : Carousel Delivery
  • Module title : Research Methods
  • Module code: ONL722

Notes for students :

  • Electronic copy of assignment must be submitted through Turnitin.
  • 10% of marks are awarded for satisfactory use of language and/or good presentation.
  • 5% of marks are awarded for satisfactory referencing and/or presentation of a bibliography where either is required. Note that all referenced work should be obtained from credible sources.
  • Students should ensure that they comply with Glyndwr University’s plagiarism policy
  • Students should make correct use of the Harvard referencing method.
Learning Outcomes Tested in Assessments One (30%) and Two (70%)

1) Demonstrate a critical understanding of quantitative data analysis and apply appropriate analytical techniques to a range of data using quantitative data analysis software. (Assignment Two)

2) Demonstrate a critical understanding of qualitative data analysis and apply appropriate analytical techniques to data using qualitative data analysis software. (Assignment Two)

3) Develop a comprehensive and practicable research proposal which includes a viable research question and supporting aim and objectives. (Assignment One)

4) Design an appropriate research methodology proposing a suitable sampling strategy; data collection approach; valid analytical method(s); associated philosophical stance; and any ethical issues related to the research question. (Assignment One)

Masters Level Marking Criteria


Assignment One (30%) – Research Proposal

For Assignment One, you are required to design a research proposal in your cognate area of specialisation. The deadline is 1pm (UK time) on the Monday of week four.

For example, if you are studying toward an MBA in finance, you may write about a finance or accounting theme as follows:

• The Application Machine Learning in Finance: A Case of Stock Consultant Ltd.

• Working Capital Analysis: Interviews with ABC Banking Staff

• The Capital Asset Pricing Model Using London Stock Exchange Data and Others

Whereas, if you are studying toward an MBA in marketing, you may write about a marketing or consumer behaviour topic, such as follows:

• Consumer Satisfaction Analysis Using Tweets: A Sentiment Analysis

• Evaluating a Competitor’s Marketing Strategy Using Web Scraping

• Digital Social Media Communication in SuperSupermarket Liverpool

You may choose any topic according to your specialisation: MBA, MBA Human Resource Management, MBA Marketing, MBA Finance, MBA Project Management, MBA Health Management, MBA Entrepreneurship, MBA Cyber Security, MBA Big Data, MBA Psychology, MPA, MPA Finance, MPA Project Management.

Please watch the lectures for week zero and week one to help you decide which topic or theme to study and which topic to avoid. In addition, please ensure that you are writing a research proposal pertaining to your specialization. For example, if you are studying MBA Finance, then you should not write a research proposal on an area of HR, or vice versa. The research proposal (and dissertation) is a significant part of your study because your future clients, colleagues and potential employers, etc. will read your credible dissertation that relates to your strengths and aspirational career.

You may also adhere to ‘action research’ by writing a research proposal for your own business or the company you work for, which will be useful for your aspirational career. In addition, you should focus on a recent topic or ‘currency’. For example, some topics are outdated: ‘Analysing Customer Opinion through Fax Survey’ or similar should instead involve analysis via mobile or online survey, as no one sends surveys through fax anymore. Your research proposal and dissertation should reflect your sense of pride, achievement and future aspiration.

Relevant examples for Assignments One and Two will be provided in class to enable you to achieve the highest mark possible. For Assignment Two, you need to collect data and analyse it using the software packages provided: SPSS, NVivo or Mozdeh. For Assignment Two, you will need to design an online survey or online interview and ask your classmates to answer the questions. We will ask no questions about your data; we are more interested in how you analyse data and interpret the computer outputs correctly. For the research methods, you will employ hypothetical data, but you will use real data when completing the dissertation.

As a postgraduate student, you are free to devise your own structure (headings, subheadings, etc.), using a format such as Sections 1, 2 and 3, etc. or Introduction, Methodology, Research Questions, Conclusion.

Assignment One is a 1,050 word assignment. For this specific assignment the word count excludes tables, figures, references, appendices, calculations etc. However, the word count is a guide only; it will not be applied mechanically to determine your marking; please see the above masters level marking criteria.


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