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Describe and critically appraise the recruitment, motivation and retention process at an organisation


Module code:


Assessment title:

Assignment : Human Resource Management

Module tutor:


Main objectives of the assessment:

To enable students to demonstrate knowledge of the Human Resource process and assess it against good/best practice examples.  To examine the relationship between human resource management and organizational strategy and culture.

Brief Description of the assessment:

Written report (individual):

Describe and critically appraise the recruitment, motivation and retention process at an organisation (you may choose to select a company you have worked in previously).

How might the Human resource activities of recruiting, performance appraisal and retention (e.g pay), be related to corporate strategy and culture of the company?

What Human Resources challenges (recruiting, hiring, training and developing, retaining etc) does your chosen company/organization face today?

Individual formal written report (of 2500 words MAXIMUM):

ASSESSMENT CRITERIA    Use your student ids for anonymity

You must demonstrate the application of the appropriate theoretical frameworks where necessary.

Full references and sources of all materials must be stated.

Indicative Structure

The following proposed structure is not intended to be prescriptive but is offered to

help you in preparing your assignment and in giving appropriate weighting to the

different parts of the questions.

1.     Introduction (10%)

A brief description of the company, number of employees, role of central/local

Personnel etc.

2.     Critical appraisal of HR process (35%)

Examine the Strengths, weaknesses, timescales( recruiting , performance appraisals etc), and realistic motivational frameworks used by the organization you have selected in their recruitment, motivation and retention of key staff.

3.     How are Human resource activities such as recruitment etc related to the corporate culture and strategy of the organization? (35%)

Examine recruitment, performance appraisal and retention (e.g pay) in relation to the organizations corporate culture and strategy. What is the impact of these activities on strategy/culture or vice versa.?

4.     What human resources challenges (recruiting, hiring, training, diversity, attitudes towards diversity, culture etc) does your chosen organization face today (20%)

Learning outcomes for the assessment (refer to the appropriate module learning outcomes)

Human Resource Management planning for organisational development and effectiveness that will lead to high employee motivation and enhance company competitiveness.

Assessment criteria:

The students will be required to: The students will be required to:

Prepare an individual assignment (no shared work).

HRM theory from course text and relevant Journal publications is essential.

Full references and sources of all materials must be stated.

Guidance on the required critique and evaluation is given on the following pages.

Assessment method by which a student can demonstrate the learning outcomes:

Strategic Human resource management relating to a real organization in a single report that is marked by the module tutor.


100% of module marks

Format of the assessment/coursework: (Guidelines on the expected format and length of submission):   Note: appendices are not included in the word count for this report.

Format is a formal written report of maximum word limit of 2500 words (word limit to be stated on the front cover) including diagrams and tables. Report should comprise Title Page, and Parts 1 –4.

Also (not included in word count): References (essential) and Appendices (if needed).

Assessment date/submission deadline:

25th March 2022

Indicative reading list:

  • Management  by Daft, Kendrick and Vershinina (2010) or latest edition
  • Academic Journal papers

Other information      

Use your student ids for anonymity (i.e. no student names on the assignment itself).

Students are expected to access and utilise academic articles which are accessible via the Brunel library homepage (e.g. using the “e-Journals Gateway” or the “Emerald database”).

References should be taken in the main from Journal publications. I will accept some web references, but I would like these to be kept to an absolute minimum.

I would expect 80% of references to come from journal publications. The remaining 20% to come from web sites and text books.

I would expect a minimum of 25 references for Assignment One

Please Note:

You should also all be aware of the University’s policy on Plagiarising. Anyone caught plagiarising will be dealt with SEVERLY.

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