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Investigate BIM from a broad perspective, determine whether it has, and will continue to create a gap amongst Quantity surveyors in the UK

The impact of Building information modelling on quantity surveyors

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12 pages (3,000 words)

So as mentioned you guys did my first section of the dissertation which is "Dissertation A" The topic of my dissertation is "The impact of building information modelling on quantity surveyors" and I will attach the Dissertation A in this email so the reader can understand "dissertation A – writer work". Basically dissertation B is the expanded and finalised version of dissertation A.

Key: *** = the goal i want

The rest is information on the Goal 

So in the literature review section i want:

*** At the moment its roughly 1000 words and i want this section to be roughly 3000 words. So another 2000 words roughly. ***

*** I want the reviews broken into 2 sections. One of the sections trying to achieve the first Objective which is " to discuss - examining how BIM will affect the construction industry"  and the other review i want it to achieve the objective of "To discuss - To determine how BIM has affected Quantity surveying and who/what is in control of it" ***

*** The aims and objectives could be a little more refined as to their individual effect / impact upon the Quantity surveyor as an individual and as part of the professional team. ***

The aims and objectives

Secondary research (literature review)

+ Aim 1: "Investigate BIM from a broad perspective, determine whether it has, and will continue to create a gap amongst Quantity surveyors in the UK"

+Objective for this - "Examining how BIM will affect the construction industry"

+2nd objective for this - "To determine how BIM has affected Quantity Surveying and who/what is in control of it"

Primary research (interviews & Questionnaires)

+ Aim 2: "Investigate the effects of BIM implementation on the role of Quantity surveyors in the future"

+Objective for this - "To establish the perceived value of building information modelling for Quantity surveyors and the benefits it provides to the construction industry" 

+ 2nd objective for this - "Assess and identify the perspectives of construction industry experts from consultancies and contractors on knowledge modelling"

*** I want a third review on this which will be 1000 words on a "case study" achieving the Secondary research Objectives. ***

I will attach a Dissertation that was submitted last year. it`s on a completely different topic however, i would want a structure like theirs. 

I will attach their Dissertation A & Dissertation B and you can see how they have expanded their Dissertation A to B. 

Check how they have done the literature review section and how they achieved the Objectives. Mine should be in their layout. 

i will attach them as Dissertation A - example and dissertation B - example

Summary of all this

So in essence i want my Literature review section expanded in the way the examples of DIS A & B has but with my content and I’ve provided the explanation to this.

A total of 3000 words.

  •          2000 roughly on the first 2 reviews achieving the objectives
  •          1000 word on case study achieving the same objectives.
  •          If writer faces problem with this word count, please do let me know.

If you need more clarification let me know.

The rest of the dissertation i`ll do myself. i just want my Literature review section complete 

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