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Learning Outcome 3: Use a critical thinking approach to present and analyse data in a visual format (charts and graphs in Excel/writing a commentary)


IT Skills (IFP 202122 T3) – Assessment 3

Assessment Type:


Assessment Instructions

Assessment Task – what do I need to do?

You will review a set of basic data provided to you in an Excel workbook – you will extract some of the information from the dataset, create a chart in Excel, and then analyse the extracted information shown in the chart in the form of a short, written commentary (300-400 words).

Resources -  what resources do I need to complete this assessment?

  • An up-to-date version of Microsoft Excel
  • the detailed instructions for completing this assessment located in the Appendix to this document
  • the Microsoft Excel workbook file that you need to work on, which is available for download in Aula on the IT Skills Module Assessmentpage:
    • Assessment 3 – Chart Analysis.xslx

Cover Sheet

A cover sheet is not required for this assessment.

Deadline – when do I need to submit my assessment?

Friday 22nd July 2022, 10pm (end of Week 11)
Submission – how do I submit my assessment?


Your completed Excel workbook should be uploaded via the relevant link (Assessment 3 – Chart Analysis) in the Assignments section of the IT Skills module in Aula.

Assessment Criteria and Grading

Assessment Purpose – what does this assessment test?

This assessment is related to the module’s Learning Outcomes:

  • Learning Outcome 3:  Use a critical thinking approach to present and analyse data in a visual format (charts and graphs in Excel/writing a commentary).

Assessment Criteria -how will I be assessed?

You will be assessed on:

  • the accuracy of your Excel chart
  • the quality and accuracy of your written commentary of the information presented in the chart.

Your tutor will give you further guidance about how your work will be assessed.

Grade – how will my assessment be graded?

The grade for this assessment will be given as a percentage (the maximum grade is 100%).

Weighting -  what % of my overall grade for this module is this assessment?

This assessment counts for 20% of the IT Skills module.

Pass Grade – what is the pass grade for this assessment and for the module?

The minimum pass grade for the IT Skills module is 40% overall (i.e. the weighted average of all 3 module assessments), with no less than 30% in each individual assessment.

Academic Integrity and Plagiarism

Academic Integrity


Any work that you submit must be your own.Any work that is deemed to be plagiarised or not the student’s own work will not be marked and will not count towards the final module grade.  Any work found to be plagiarised may result in the student being suspended from the programme. Please refer to the UWS Plagiarism Procedure for more information.

Please note that your work will be submitted via the Turnitin plagiarism detection software in Aula.

Referencing Sources – what referencing style should I use?

No referencing is needed in this assessment.

Additional Information

Extenuating Circumstances – what if I can’t submit my assessment on time?

If you encounter circumstances that prevent you from submitting your assessment on time, you should speak to your Module Tutor or your Personal Tutor. 

You may also be able to make a submission for Extenuating Circumstances.  Please refer to the University Guide to Extenuating Circumstances for more information.


Detailed instructions for completing Assessment 3 (Chart Analysis)

Using the task instructions detailed below (and which are also repeated in the Excel workbook), complete the step-by-step instructions using the appropriate IT application (Microsoft Excel) to produce an analysis of extracted data from the given dataset. All the required documents, files and associated resources to complete this assessment are available for download on the Module Assessment page in the IT Skills module in Aula.

The dataset provided in the Excel workbook shows the dry recycling of various household waste categories in England for the period July 2019-June 2020.

  1. On a new worksheet, extract the relevant data from the original dataset and create a new table showing the data related to recycling of glassmetalsplastic and textiles only.
  2. Rename the new worksheet tab `Data and Chart Analysis`.
  3. On the same worksheet as your new table, create a 2-D Column Chart showing the information for the extracted data with the amount in thousand tonnes on the vertical axis, months on the horizontal axis, and the type of recycling shown clearly in the chart legend.  You should add an  appropriate heading for the chart, and ensure that the chart axes are also labelled appropriately.
  4. On the same worksheet, insert a text box (Insert > Text > Text box) and write an analysis of the extracted data as shown on the chart. The word count for your analysis is 300-400 words.
  5. Arrange your table, chart and text box neatly on the worksheet.
  6. Save the Excel workbook using the filename format: Assessment 3 - YOUR NAME.xlsx
  7. Submit your completed workbook via the correct link in Aula by the deadline - 10pm Friday, 22nd July 2022.

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