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1. Critically analyse the characteristics of strategic decisions and explain what is meant by strategy and strategic management.

B: Learning Outcomes

1. Critically analyse the characteristics of strategic decisions and explain what is meant by strategy and strategic management.

2. Critically evaluate the role of organisational stakeholders, structures and processes and how stakeholders’ expectations shape strategy.

3. Critically assess and apply appropriate concepts and principles of strategic management in an organisational context.

C: Assessment Task

Applying what you have learnt from the module content, you are to produce a fully referenced written submission of approximately 3000 words (+/- 10%) that uses appropriate models, frameworks and concepts to analyse a strategic business issue (s) within a chosen organisation. 

Note: The chosen organisation cannot be one you have already significantly referred to in other assignments or dissertation.

D: Specific Criteria/Guidance

E: Key Resources

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Supported by:

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