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1. Demonstrate basic use of an operating system, including managing files and folders.

SMS216 - Systems Studies I

Subject Description 
This course has been designed to focus on the use and application of spreadsheet and relational database software as used by accountants today to make decisions, analyze, and present data. This course provides real business scenarios that meet professional standards and provides a solid basis on how to use spreadsheet and relational database software to identify the best alternatives related to critical and key business decisions.

Learning Outcomes 
Upon successful completion of this subject the student will be able to:

1. Demonstrate basic use of an operating system, including managing files and folders.

2. Explain terms and concepts used in spreadsheet software

3. Interpret results arrived at using a spreadsheet software

4. Apply database design principles to determine required tables, primary key(s) and other fields for each required table.
5. Explain database concepts and key terms such as primary key, foreign key, relationship and field
6. Use a spreadsheet software to:
6.1. Perform basic functions such as cell referencing, data entry, copy, paste, formatting, editing and printing
6.2. Build formulas using math and statistical functions, and evaluate investment projects
6.3. Build formulas using logical (IF, IFAND, IFOR and nested Ifs) functions and lookup functions
64. Organize data to facilitate data management and analysis using Excel tables
6.5. Highlight or emphasize cells that meet specific conditions using conditional formatting
6.6. Summarize large amounts of data to facilitate decision making by using pivot tables, pivot charts, database functions and subtotals

7. Use a database software to perform tasksfunctions as follow:
7.1. Create databases
7.2. Create, adjust, and maintain tables
7.3. Create, adjust, and maintain queries
7.4. Create, adjust, and maintain forms, including forms with subforms
7.5. Create, adjust, and maintain reports
7.6. Apply validation rules and other control features to improve data integrity
7.7. Backup, recover, compact and repair databases

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