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Apply analytical processes to the evaluation of marketing opportunities across a diverse and fragmented global market.


BA (Hons) Marketing & Management

Apply analytical processes to the evaluation of marketing opportunities across a diverse and fragmented global market.

Task 1 Brief – Market Analysis

You must firstly choose the organisation from the given options. You can research any international market, providing that you can find opportunities in that market for your firm`s product or brand. However, you must ensure that the firm you choose has not already launched* the product, service, or brand into the market you are investigating; your brief is to find a new market opportunity.

* If the company you choose is already fulfilling occasional orders to the market you are investigating then it is okay for you to continue to research that market. You must not choose a market, however, for which your firm has already developed a strategic marketing plan to actively target that market.

You have been tasked to prepare a written presentation which will be circulated electronically to your client company’s Executive Directors.

The format

A Power-point presentation – 20 slides maximum in total; each slide will be supported by a written commentary in the notes section of the PPT slides, to take the reader through the content of each of the slide. Total word limit of the task is 1500. It should provide details on:

  1. An introduction to the presentation.
  2. Selection and creation of the relevant criteria’s to help you apply the rough market screening and ranking of market frameworks. You are required to analyse and justify your choice of those criteria’s with support of data and theory.
  3. A `rough market screening` and ranking of potential markets which will lead to the selection of one market. To select a suitable overseas country-market, you must conduct a market screening of a selected global region using all necessary secondary sources. You apply the appropriate concepts to help you systematically carry out the market screening of countries within this global region, in order for you to identify and demonstrate which country-market is the best for your organisation. You need to justify your selection of screening criteria and also why the other countries are, at least in the foreseeable future, not suitable for your company.
  4. A `fine market screening` of the selected target market which will include a critical analysis of the target market, including the analyses of customer buyer behaviour (and potential segments), and competitors within the market.

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