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Choosing a research topic Students are to choose their own research topic for this unit. Strong research projects are those with clear, well focused and defined objectives

Assignment title Research Project

Theme Globalisation

Word count 6000 words

Part 1 – Research Proposal – (LO1) Produce a research proposal that clearly defines a research question or hypothesis based on the theme “Globalisation” supported by a literature review. Your proposal should examine appropriate research methods and approaches to primary and secondary research. The research proposal should set out the plan for how you will achieve the intended research objective and shows whether the objective will be feasible, ethical and achievable in the time scale. It should also set out how secondary research supports the research objective, how the research will be conducted and how the research will be evaluated.

Choosing a research topic Students are to choose their own research topic for this unit. Strong research projects are those with clear, well focused and defined objectives. One of the best ways to do this is to put it in the form of a question or hypothesis. The following is a range of possible topic areas that could be covered but you would have to narrow it down to a more specific area to address a specific issue:

• The benefits and drawbacks of a global business environment

• How globalisation can drive business success

• The benefits and the risks of offshoring and outsourcing

• The interrelationship between global business and global politics and the challenges that can create

• The different strategies employed by businesses to enter emerging markets

• Competing with multinational companies and survival strategies for local companies in emerging markets

• The impact of globalisation on the corporate structures of large multinational companies and the major challenges they face.

1. Introduction/ background to the research area (500 words) Title or working title of research project (in the form of a research question or hypothesis) Research aim and objectives State the rationale or reasons for choosing the topic explaining why it is of academic and or practical importance

2. Literature review (800 words) Write a short literature review, indicating the importance of previous related research or investigated literature and how your own research question might make a useful contribution to the area

3. Methodology (500 words) • Explain and justify your research approach (qualitative and quantitative) • State the main research techniques (interviews, questionnaire, case studies, modelling etc.) you might use • Indicate your suggested data collection procedures, indicating sources and any possible difficulties • Explain any analytical techniques you intend to use

4. Timeline of research activities (200 words) • State your proposed timetable of activities

5. Finally, list the references in your proposal or provide a short bibliography.

Part 2 – The Research & Report – (LOs 2, 3 & 4)

Upon successfully completing the Research proposal (Part 1) you are to undertake the research and analyse the findings following appropriate methods for business research project. You will communicate the outcomes of the research and conclude by reflecting upon the research process, how well you was able to implement your proposal, the challenges you encountered and the lessons learnt in the form of a written report.

What you need to:

 Plan and design data collection tool (for e.g. questionnaire, interviews) to match the research question or hypothesis

 Consider any ethical issues or implications connected to your research

 Collect the data using an appropriate data collection tool (for e.g. questionnaire, interviews, observation etc.)

 Collate the evidence using a frequency distribution table and present the findings using words, numbers and graphs.

 Reflect on the research how successful it has been, were you able to carry it out as per your proposal, did you achieve the objectives you set out and what have you learnt by doing the research. What will you recommend for improvement and future research? 

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