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Critically analyse the drivers of enterprise and wealth creation from the perspective of their ethical implications.

The aims of the module are to:

  • Critically analyse the drivers of enterprise and wealth creation from the perspective of their ethical implications.
  • Investigate changing approaches and attitudes to sustainability and corporate social responsibility.
  • Critically evaluate frameworks for the discussion of business ethical issues and the use of tools for managing business ethics.
  • Examine the impact of globalisation on enterprise
  • Evaluate diverse ethical models and theories (normative and descriptive).
  • Debate the role of alternative approaches: ‘values’ and “virtues” in business leaders.


Specific expectations tutors will have of students:

  • Attend all classes and arrive at classes punctually
  • Come prepared to all the sessions and behave professionally.
  • Actively participate and engage in class activities
  • Inform tutor via email in advance when not able to attend any classes

Indicative Content:

  • Introduction to Business Ethics
  • Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility and Stakeholder theory
  • Ethical Concepts & Normative Theories (evaluating Business Ethics)
  • Descriptive Ethical theories (individual and situational factors)
  • Stakeholders and Business Ethics
  • See BlackBoard for any update

1.1 Learning outcomes [LO] to be assessed

On completion of the module you should be able to:

  1. Analyse stakeholder perspectives on business behaviour. [LO1]
  2. Evaluate the importance of business ethics at an academic level and also its managerial implications.
  3. Identify and examine the most relevant normative and descriptive business ethics theories.
  4. Investigate and evaluate approaches to sustainability and corporate social responsibility.
  5. Make informed judgements of business ethics dilemmas.
  6. Access and utilise a wide variety of learning resources in the subject area.

1.2 Assessment brief including criteria mapped to learning outcomes


The assessment requires you to write a report on the Apple Inc. case study[1] which you can access in the Assessments folder for this module’s on BlackBoard .

As a consultant developing expertise in business ethics you are required to write up answers to the following questions in the format of a 3,000-word report:

 1. How do you think Apple had handled the various ethical issues that it has faced in the past? Your analysis of this question should include consideration of different stakeholder perspectives and your answer is to include application of the most relevant normative and descriptive theories of business ethics.

 2. By explicit comparison with Apple’s approach, appraise how another company of your choice   promotes sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

 3. Reflecting upon your own experience assess the extent to which learning in an academic setting about business ethics has importance as a development activity for the workplace.

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