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Critically discuss and apply with specific examples the three models of SHRM.

In this paper, you are required to do a critical analysis of the three models of SIHRM – i.e. universalist, matching (closed) or matching (open). Additionally, you have to focus on the following aspects:

  • Explain the limitations of each model

  • The RBV and institutionalist perspectives on SHRM

  • The drawbacks of the models

  • The roles of organisational and national culture in the models

  • Application of the models


Students should critically evaluate the three models of SIHRM – i.e. universalist, matching (closed) or matching (open). They should describe the limitations of each model. A strong answer will discuss the RBV and institutionalist perspectives on SHRM. It should be emphasised that these models fail to truly encompass the complexities of a modern (global) organisation. The very limited role that organisational and national culture is given in these models should be emphasised – especially for global organisations – tie in with Vicky‘s lectures. Application of the models is required. For example, ‘best practice’ may suggest the use of individual PRP if an organisation wishes to maximise profits – this however, may not be an appropriate type of reward strategy in a more team‐based cultural setting (e.g., Japan).

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