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Critically examine a contemporary issue in crime and justice; clearly and coherently communicate your ideas through producing a series of presentation slides:

Assesment Brief:

What am I required to do in this assignment?

Critically examine a contemporary issue in crime and justice; clearly and coherently communicate your ideas through producing a series of presentation slides:

•             With attached notes, as if you were to give this talk at an academic conference.

•             Present rational arguments drawing on evidence to support these claims.

•             The slides and notes should enable you to be ready to give this talk, if you were asked to do so, at a moment’s notice.

•             The notes should tie together with the slide content and help you to explain the content and allow you to expand on these ideas.

•             It must have clear structure, coherence and flow logically and present a convincing case for the unit of analysis.

The presentation should inform your project, although the project is expected to warrant further enhancement of these ideas.

This is a group presentation, with minimum of four people in a group. You are to allocate roles and each person has to participate in both the preparation and presentation. It must be noted that individual grades will be given. A log of meetings must be handed in on the day of presentation by the group leader.  The Presentation will be 15 minutes and 5 minutes for question and answer.

MS PowerPoint Slides must be submitted via (Grade Centre)

What do I need to do to pass? (Threshold Expectations from UIF)

Good presentation skills and ability to use MS PowerPoint

Connect the various arguments together effectively well

How do I produce high quality work that merits a good grade?

Outline the key ideas, main thesis of each source text and assess their implications for policy and practice regarding how the criminal justice system should respond to the current global issue(s). Refer to theoretical perspectives and research evidence (academic literature and research reports from both international and national organizations) to support your claims.  Also, refer to ‘what am I required to do in this assignment’.  You need to present arguments and reasoning in a coherent and logical manner. It is important to reference your work using Harvard Referencing Style (e.g. in text citation on slides and reference list at the end) 


So I need from you to produce 1000 words about a Case Study relating Deforestation in Malysia/Cambodia and also the Criminal justice system: Response… Probably would be spread equal 500/500 for each but I think you would know better how it should be In the Final form.. I mean I hope that I was clear about what is needed from me at this one 😊 and also please have in mind, that my next task at this one, would be a Project Report Brief made on the same things as this presentation… AND PLEASEE!! I would like how I gave you that reference above, on the neoliberalism thing.. I would like to be able to access all the sources, like that one… I mean I don’t want to check them again.. and see like in other papers from you.. that the referencing is taken from other sources… and whatever.. I think you know what I am saying because I’m still waiting for a paper from you and this was the problem between us… and if you would  write something around neoliberalism.. write it from that source that I attached in this paper.

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