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Demonstrate strong recognition and appreciation of different cultures in HRM

Assessment Criteria

Marks Awarded

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Demonstrate strong recognition and appreciation of different cultures in HRM




Critically compare different international management and HRM practices



Learning Outcomes Tested in this Assignment :

Demonstrate strong recognition and appreciation of different cultures in HRM

Critically compare different international management and HR practices

Guidance for assessment 2

The students will work on 5 opening statements and will be expected to demonstrate …

1. Independent study

2. Critical understanding of intercultural management

3. Ability to compare contrasting settings

The opening statements are

  1. It could be considered that recruitment and selection is the most important factor in International Human Resource Management.
  2. The cultural differences and idiosyncrasies of a diverse workforce can create challenges for organisations, but there are also advantages to the diversity.
  3. There are variances in people’s values, beliefs, and behaviour patterns (for example what they consider to be right and wrong, normal and not normal) even in two countries within the same continent.
  4.  Hofstede’s six dimension model of national culture is an accurate way of describing the cultural aspects and tendencies of a nation.
  5.  It is better for an organisation to implement similar policies and practices across the world.


In sites where there is no moodle access, these discussions can take place in the classroom in designated groups

What is required?

Responses to the opening statements and responses to the discussion on Moodle should demonstrate thorough independent study and learning, a critical understanding of intercultural management and the ability to compare and contrast settings.

Word guide

The word guide for the assignment is 2000. If a student responds to five opening statements, an equal distribution of words would be 400 words per statement. This is guidance, and it may be that responses to some statements have slightly more than 400 words, and others less.

Use of Turnitin

Students may want to use Turnitin to check their drafts for plagarism; however the tutors will not be able to use Turnitin with the Moodle forum

Language of forum

As the forum is a discussion forum it can be written in the first person

Additional Comments from Second marker or External Examiner (if required) :

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