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Demonstrate understanding of core political and social policies and their impact upon health promotion and public health.

Summative 2 (90%)

Assignment Politics and Policy in Public Health and Health Promotion (level 4)

A 1500 word essay exploring aspects of a contemporary policy related to health promotion and/or public health.


  1. Demonstrate understanding of core political and social policies and their impact upon health promotion and public health.
  2. Demonstrate understanding of significance of political ideologies and policies on health inclusion and exclusion.
  3. Identify and use sources of information and knowledge related to political and social policies and explain how these relate to the delivery of health promotion and public health.
  4. Describe the roles of different members of the health and social care workforce.

2. Guidance for completion of your essay

  • Write an outline structure of your whole essay by writing out the headings.
  • Decide about how many words you plan to put into each section; this is a very short essay so it is important that you balance the different sections correctly.

In the essay include:

  1. An introduction

In your introduction state which policy you will be describing and assessing. Write about one sentence on why it is an important issue.

Say what you will do in your essay in the order you are going to do it in.

[The reader needs to know what to expect].

Make sure you write very clearly


Provide public health background information on your Child Obesity Policy topic such as trends in numbers of cases and who the policy affects [for example if you are looking at policy on moving health visiting commissioning into public health in local government then you will need to say something about how many health visitors there are and what their public health role is. If you are looking at policy to reduce teenage pregnancy then you will need to provide some data on numbers of teenage pregnancies.]

Make sure you provide page numbers for all your references.

Give definitions and citations for areas and words that need explaining more. For example, you might like to define ‘public health’ and ‘power’.

Provide some background information on the political and policy context to the policy in question.

For example, which party of government brought it in?

Is it part of a particular political ideology?

  1. Your policy

This is the main section of your essay. Describe your child obesity policy – this should take one paragraph.

Identify and use sources of information about the child obesity policy.

Explain why it is a public health issue,what impact it might have on the population’s health.

Who supports the policy? For example, is it supported by PHE (Public Health England), academics, lobby groups, charities, politicians of different political parties?

State the contentious issues in your policy and provide referenced evidence for and against. Include at least one paragraph with issues on one side of the debate and another paragraph for issues on the other side [the above points relate to learning outcome 3]

What impact might the child obesity policy have especially on those in society who have more, or less, power?

What might the role of, or impact of this policy on, health service staff be? [this relates to learning outcome 4]

Make sure you have provide definitions on issues that will come up in your essay in the background section.

  1. Conclusion

State clearly what you have done in the essay.

Provide an overall assessment of the outcome of the debates in relation to your policy.

  1. References

Make sure you are using books from your MSG in your essay. You need to demonstrate you have read them by referring to them appropriately.  For your particular policy you will need to go beyond these books as well.

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