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Description and Objectives – Describe your approved project by providing background/introduction information and specifying at least 8 project objectives.



Any content drawn from other resources should be cited correctly and completely.

Include the following content in your proposal:

  • Description and Objectives Describe your approved project by providing background/introduction information and specifying at least 8 project objectives. The objectives should be actionable, specific, and measurable.  Avoid using words in the objective that are not measurable such as “understand”.  Each objective should result in a tangible outcome.  At least 2 of the 8 objectives should be aimed at developing or advancing your leadership skills. (at least 2 pages)
  • Rationale - Explain how the project is significant by explaining how it contributes to the broader discipline of Health Informatics. (at least half a page)
  • Please summarize your method/approach for each objective.   (at least 3 pages)
  • Discuss how you expect to maintain professionalism and embrace inter-professional collaboration. What other professionals will you be interacting with?  Identify at least 3 ethical principles you will uphold as you work on the project.  (at least 1 page)  
  • Include a project plan (recall what you learned in the Project Management course) with your overarching activities and timelines (at least 1 page)
  • Describe the deliverables expected at the end of this course (these should be the tangible deliverables/products you expect to develop for the organization and not the class deliverables listed in Blackboard). Each project objective should result in at least one deliverable. (at least 1 page)
  • Describe how your project objectives align with MHI program objectives (specified below). Please be sure to select all that apply and discuss each briefly. (at least 1 page)

MHI Program objectives include:

  • Demonstrate knowledge in health, health information systems, and health data analytics in order to influence healthcare efficiency, quality, patient care, and population health
  • Apply informatics techniques and tools, computational thinking, and data science methods to impact decision making, healthcare practice, the health of populations, and patients
  • Demonstrate knowledge of major health policy, risk, and legal issues relevant to health informatics in order to articulate needed changes, mitigation strategy, and best practices
  • Identify and apply evidence-based framework in order to have a valid and reliable basis for conclusions , to evaluate health informatics application, and to explain human behavior associated with technology adoption and use
  • Exhibit ethical values, professionalism, and inter-professional collaborations while solving health informatics problems
  • Demonstrate leadership and management knowledge, abilities, and skills to lead changes and manage innovation in healthcare or population health
  • Demonstrate ability to effectively use knowledge and skills to propose and complete a real world health informatics project in order to impact healthcare practice, research, or population health

The project will create deliverable/artifacts, such as a policy and procedure, database, data collection tool, website, a strategic IT plan, dashboard etc.

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