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Does gender/class/race (pick one) make a difference in achievement in education?

Topic of your essay:

Social factors in Education

Does gender/class/race (pick one) make a difference in achievement in education?

Before you begin:

  • Decide on the topic (which social factor (ONE) interests you & identify key words)
  • Identify your main argument (what are you trying to communicate?)
  • Start by reading the following in the key text:
    Social factors in education: Class  pp. 280-292

Social factors in education: Ethnicity pp. 302-313
Social factor in education: Gender pp. 292-302

  • Using key words search Summon to locate academic sources. If you struggle, please make an appointment with Ania by emailing her at [email protected]
  • Read academic sources and note findings that are common or very different; what are some trends? What is the conclusion that you have reached after reading through the sources?

What to include:

  • Introduction
    Introduce the topic of your essay and give relevant definitions; State the main argument; explain how the essay is organised
  • Body
    Summarise what you have read.  Identify the most important themes or topics or findings that researchers agree or disagree on. Carefully structure your paragraphs to show the development of your main argument; include transition sentences to link ideas and paragraphs together. Make sure you references other people’s ideas appropriately using in-text references.
  • Conclusion
    Briefly summarise your main points
  • Reflective element (Poster Assignment)
    Introduce your reflection using Kolb’s reflective cycle. What happened? What was my experience of it? Why did it happen? Is there any research that might deepen my understanding? What will I do if/when it happens again?
  • References
    Include the minimum of 5 references under the heading “References”. Remember to reference Kolb’s reflective cycle.
  • Academic references include books, academic journal articles, reports and government documents. Please use the APA guidelines available on Blackboard.


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