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International Business Negotiation (STRM060)

International Business Negotiation


Assignment Task 1: Group presentation (PS1)              


The purpose of this assignment is for students, in groups of 1-5, to analyse the case study, then research and devise what negotiation strategy would be best suited to the negotiations and why. The group must give sound academic reasoning as to which negotiation techniques they use i.e. signalling, ploys, anchoring, reframing, techniques and tradables. At least one negotiation theory needs to be presented which forms the basis of the negotiation strategy. Harvard Style of referencing must be used.


The task: apply knowledge and understanding to be successful in gaining a win-win outcome from a negotiation process. Understanding some of the difficulties and issues which can arise, and how to deal with them, when negotiations are conducted cross-culturally.


Case study scenario:

A French construction business is 6-months into a 2-year contract to renovate 3 large office blocks in the Russian capital. Since the start of the project a steady number of complaints have been received in relation to the noise, dust, speeding construction vehicles, lack of night-time security, rudeness of their employees and especially disruption to homes and businesses close to the redevelopment. There is a meeting planned between angry local business leaders, residents and important local officials. The French organisations is in danger of having its permit revoked, along with the $10,00000 development costs, $2.5 million has already invested.


You are part of a French negotiation team and must produce a 15-minute academic presentation which outlines your negotiation strategy to your senor management.



The French business needs to see this project to completion, otherwise the company will go bankrupted. A previous company lost its permit due to similar issues following a meeting with the local officials. The timeframe of 2-years must be met and there is a $50,000 bonus for each week the renovation is completed early. If the project goes over schedule there is $50,000 penalty per week.


Remember: you need to demonstrate achievement of the assessment criteria.

You must ensure that your work contains reference to appropriate literature and produces evidence of critical thinking (inline with MBA Level 7 study).


Learning Outcomes:

The learning outcomes that are being assessed in this assignment are:

LO1: Selection and development of Source Material (To what extent does the presentation address the task set?) (25%)

LO2: Analysis of Source Material, critical thinking, academic critical analysis along with synthesis which demonstrates the ability to evaluate both theory and research. (45%)


LO3: Presentation, Grammar and Spelling (15%)


LO4: Academic citations and references presented in Harvard format (15%)


The grade will depend on the extent to which the learning outcomes are met. Please see the grading rubric at the end of this assignment brief for further details of the criteria against which each group will be assessed. Tutors have the scope to give individual grades to student(s) if warranted. Each group member needs to submit the exact Power-Point presentation for their group, even if that means multiple copies exist. It is important that students submit to the correct NILE site, and that your work is submitted on time.


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