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LO1 - Construct a plan and justify the need for its implementation of a work based project.

Work Based Research Project – Level 5.

Module Aims

The rationale, aims and objectives of this module are detailed by students in a ‘Project Proposal’. It follows that this module will be unique in terms of its aims. The primary aim is to undertake a project which will have a useful outcome for a specific work-based activity.

Learning Outcomes – On completion of this module the successful student will be able to….

LO1Construct a plan and justify the need for its implementation of a work based project.

L02Critically analyse the potential usefulness of the project and justify the approaches recommended.

LO3 - Produce a work based learning project rooted in Key Stage 1 and 2 (FdA T&LS) or Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (FdA Early Years) which effectively reflects the use of sources of knowledge and evidence.

LO4 - Evaluate information generated and make recommendations for adaptations or alterations to current practices. 

LO5Ability to show effectiveness in self-appraisal of own strengths and the challenges throughout this project generated from a detailed reflection.

Learning, teaching and assessment strategy.

Teaching and learning will focus on supporting student’s self-management skills, toward their autonomy as they are expected to effectively demonstrate they can organise their studies, work independently be self- managing to reflect the nature of their work based situation, its constraints, the goals to be addressed, and their personal learning and work styles (all LO). There will be a coherent programme of supervised work activities to support students with the development of their project.  The module tutor will conduct seminars and work-shops where students can share their ideas, and discuss their progress including reflecting on their learning throughout the research project. (LO1,2,3,4) 1:1 tutorials will be held so students can demonstrate their progress and receive specific guidance, and gain ideas for self -appraisal (LO1,2,3,4,5). Students will be expected to liaise with colleagues in the workplace to plan for undertaking this research project to improve and inform practices and outcomes for children that is ethical and beneficial to all stakeholders.


Summative Assessment: L01

  • Research Project Proposal L5


21st October 2020

Summative Assessment: LO2, LO3, LO4

  • Research Project L5

Submission date.


Summative Assessment: L05

  • Reflective Journal

Submission date.



To support Learning, Teaching and Assessment please refer to the following documents:

      Middlesex University Regulations 2020 / 2021

      Foundation Degree Programme Handbook 2020 / 2021

      Higher Education Study Guide 2020 / 2021

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