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LO1 Distinguish ethical dilemmas from other ethical concerns

Your module assessment is comprised of two tasks:


Task 1: 30%– Individual presentation of an ethical issue in health or social care 

LO’s 2, 3 and 5

This assessment requires you to prepare (individually) a presentation to your peers of an ethical issue relevant to health and/or social care. The topic of your presentation can be from one of the suggested topics below, or you may choose one of your own provided this is agreed with your tutor. Your presentation can include powerpoint slides or other AVAs and should carefully constructed and explain the ethical dilemma you are exploring, as  well as considering any other issues that might arise from this.


Suggested Topics: Choose only  one topic. Noel Conway or Aisha king.


Noel Conway – Should he be allowed to die? (Euthanasia)

Ashya King – Should his parents have taken him out of hospital? (Proxy decisions)


Your presentation will need to include the following elements:

  • A description of the difficulty/situation including the views or positions of those involved
  • An accurate assessment of why this is an ethical dilemma
  • It should draw on referenced ethical theory
  • It should clearly identify the ethical problems which will need to be addressed

(These will be analysed further in task 2)


Task 2: 70%- A written analysis of the presented ethical issue (3,250 words)

LO’s 1, 3 and 4  

This will require you to write an essay which analyses the issue that you have previously presented on. This will require a more in depth analysis of the dilemma that you have presented on, utilising ethical theory to support your arguments.

  • Correctly identify and construct the ethical issue(s) involved within a healthcare situation
  • Determine the nature the dilemma, and differentiate between the dilemma and ethical issues. You will need to clearly determine which position (argument) you are making, but must ensure that you consider the counter arguments to your claims.
  • Provide a recognised theoretical basis for this position
  • Use reasoned argument and justification throughout and relate the issue to the practice of public health and/or social care
  • Utilise meta ethics, principles or other ethical stances

Note: You need to relate both assignments to the stated learning outcomes for the module.

Learning outcomes assessed

On completion of these tasks you will have demonstrated an ability to:


LO1    Distinguish ethical dilemmas from other ethical concerns


LO2    Effectively construct an ethical issue and identify the questions it poses


LO3    Analyse the inherent conflict in an ethical dilemma using appropriate theoretical principles


LO4    Justify, using relevant evidence, actions or judgements in relation to identified ethical issues


LO5     Accurately interpret and evaluate both the intent and consequences of healthcare  

            intervention (including that of social care) from different perspectives (professional, legal 

            and personal

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