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LO1: Identify and demonstrate how innovation and organisation change can contribute to enhanced business performance.

Understanding Change


Assessment 2: Case study analysis with a future focus

Learning Outcomes met:

LO1: Identify and demonstrate how innovation and organisation change can contribute to enhanced business performance.

LO2: Explain and assess the impact and importance of sustainability to business entities.

LO3: Research and recommend solutions for improving performance of a business entity.

Assessment weighting:


Assessment pass criteria:

A minimum cumulative grade (of all assessments) of 50% or higher.

This assessment contributes to your achievement of the following skills:

Apply knowledge of the principles and practices of operations, accounting, sales/marketing, HR, and risk management, to support the operational efficiency and effectiveness of the entity.

Contribute in operational contexts to innovation and organisational change within a business entity.

Research and communicate information for efficient and effective performance of the entity.

Apply problem- solving and decision-making in operational contexts for efficient and effective performance of the entity.

Analyse the impact of internal and external environments on entities.

Assessment overview

The aim of the assessment is for you to demonstrate knowledge of the principles and practices of operational efficiency and effectiveness and how these can be improved within an organisation. You will achieve this by researching to identify organisational initiatives while considering their impact on the efficient and effective performance of an organisation and its stakeholders. You will also communicate information to internal stakeholders, solve problems and using appropriate models, make and justify decisions in an operational context.

Please ensure that you refer to the marking rubric to fully understand how you will be graded on the assessment tasks.


There are five (5) assessment tasks and one (1) submission point. You will submit a total of one (1) document.

Assessment tasks

This assessment requires you to assess an organisation and recommend how it might improve its approach to sustainability, innovation, and organisational performance.

You may either refer to the scenario provided (Oxygen Paints Company) OR you may use the organisation that you used in assessment one. If you choose to use your own organisation you need to be sure that it will meet the requirements for the assessment tasks. If you are not sure, please contact your facilitator.

Task 1: Area of sustainability and justification.

Using your earlier learning within the course, review the areas of sustainability and complete the following:

  • Identify one area of sustainability you believe would be of particular relevance for your organisation and its stakeholders.
  • Justify your choice, i.e., what evidence would suggest that this area is of relevance? (Recommended limit 300 words)

(10 marks)

Task 2: Assessed change initiative including supporting evidence.

Using your chosen area of sustainability: identify and explain ONE initiative that could contribute to the area of sustainability selected. This initiative should represent a significant change for the organisation. For this initiative:

  • Explain why it is likely to significantly contribute to the area of sustainability selected.
    • Explain how this initiative is likely to contribute to improvements in efficiency and effectiveness.
    • Explain how the initiative might be managed into place

Justify your choice with evidence from at least one credible source. (Recommended limit 650 words)

(10 Marks)

Task 3: Communicating changes to stakeholders (employees)

Following on from task 2, compose an all-staff email outlining the proposed changes, including the benefits and implications. Include in your email how employee feedback will occur.

(10 Marks)

Task 4: Creation of change plan and recommending solutions.

Create your own change plan for your chosen initiative, based on either Kotter’s or Lewin’s model for change. Include details of the model alongside your plan clearly demonstrating your understanding of how to apply each step, justifying your decisions and solutions.

You will need to include your analysis of any impact you foresee regarding the proposed change plan and applicable internal and external environments that may be impacted. The change plan format is your choice. Options could include a diagram, a table or other suitable format. Two template options have been provided for you should you wish to use them.

(30 Marks)

Task 5 Key performance indicators (KPI’s) to measure change effectiveness.

Create Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each part of your change plan that will measure the effectiveness of the change.

(15 Marks)

Assessment guidelines

  • Refer to the Oxygen Paints Company Scenario for this assessment if needed.
    • Your assessment submission must be of an appropriate academic standard. Ensure that your writing is logical, clear, and follows academic standards including APA referencing of any external sources.
    • All parts of this assignment must be submitted through Turnitin.

Submission instructions

When you are ready to submit your assessment, follow these steps:

  1. Save your template document as a Microsoft Word or PDF file. Make sure you name it using the course code, assessment number and your name, e.g., NZDB504-Assessment 2- Firstname Lastname.docx
  2. Click the `Add submission` button at the bottom of the Assessment 2 dropbox page.
  3. Upload your file by clicking the `Add...` icon or dragging and dropping it into the upload area.
  4. Follow any onscreen instructions and click `Save changes`
    1. Your assessment will now be in `draft` format (which means you can still make last minute changes).
    2. Turnitin process statement.
    3. Click the `Submit assignment` to complete the process. 

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