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LO1 Review classical management theories and leadership styles

Unit Number and Title

5 Leadership and Management for Service Industries(Y/616/1792)

The increased use of technology within service industries and its impact on leadership and management styles

LO1 Review classical management theories and leadership styles

Scenario and Activity:


You have been employed in a Consultancy business (ABC Consult) with many years of experience in helping businesses to review and develop their leadership ethos and style, they got a new contract seeking the assistance from your company.  The company (Wa-Pila Hotels) has recently taken on a new General Manager who worked for a former client of yours at one of their hotels and have seen how their modern approach has transformed the business: the staff seems far happier and motivated in their work. The business wishes you to advise them on different managerial approaches so that they can transform their other hotels in a similar way. Your Consulting company has decided that the first step is to discuss some of the classical management theories with them, for which you are to play a leading role by preparing a PowerPoint Presentation Entitled “ Leadership & Management, Past, Present and Future” for the initial meeting.


Your presentation should include:


  • An introduction to different classical management theories in relation to hospitality industry
  • The different types of organisational culture including Handy’s Theory, Deal and Kennedy and factors that determine the culture of an organisation.
  • Explain the roles of a leader and a manager using a chosen hospitality organisation (can chose your place of work)
  • Identify and review a specific management leadership style in the chosen hospitality organisation (or place of work)
  • Compare and contrast Management and leadership styles in your chosen hospitality organisation or place of work, stating their relative advantages and disadvantages
  • Give your opinion on specific management and leadership style at your chosen hospitality organisation using a typical example or experience. Providing evidence of the organisation’s practice
LO2Explore the factors that influence different management styles and structures in a service industry context

Scenario and Activity:


Following the success of the presentation, your manager has tasked you to prepare a Brochure outlining your organisations new model called: “The Influence of Technology on Management and Leadership styles In Hospitality Service Sector, The Way Forward”.


Your brochure will include the following:


  • Key Internal and External technological factors that influence management styles.
  • Characteristics of effective manager in the contemporary hospitality industry in the face of increased technology-.
  • Understanding your customers’ need and review of the multigenerational leaders and their characteristics (sample materials on management characteristics UKHospitality, and Deloitte Report).
Present a critical view on specific changes in management styles, by reviewing a referenced Report)

LO3Assess current and future management and leadership skills for the service sector

LO4: Demonstrate management and leadership skills in a service industry context

Scenario and Activity:


You have just attended a workshop on new management skills at which there was a presentation on how, technology can be one of the most useful tools to help leaders become better. Various reports have been presented on how technology is becoming the driving force behind the new style of leadership – a leadership which embraces change, learning, communication and diversity.


One such report (The future of Leadership by BTeam Future of Leadership) stated how successful leaders at a worldwide level are those who understand just how much technology can aid them in managing people, building teams and keeping track of work across all channels and in any location of the world.

The new business world is made up of connected devices, artificial intelligence(AI), and secure cloud business solutions which enable teams to work together more efficiently than ever and empower companies to expand their reach towards new markets across the globe.


You have been tasked to write a report for upcoming managers meeting, which must include the following


  • The characteristics and skills of effective managers in different roles in the service industry
  • Underline the hard versus soft skill in specific hospitality service management role and its impact on leadership styles
  • The importance of soft skills and significance of reflective practice using technology.
  • Discus the importance of technology-oriented management and leadership skills required in the service sector and how these can be achieved using knowledge-based approaches.
  • Evaluate the skills that are crucial for service, e.g. using Airbnb, BookaTable digital marketing and customer experience analysis etc.
  • Compare the and contrast the service sector change management systems that are available
  • Analyse how these changes affect management and leadership styles.

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