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Q1. Explain the key factors that drive change in health and social care services as applied to the case scenario

In this paper, you have to answer the following questions in detail that carries the primary theme of change in health and social care. Moreover, there are a few scenarios given below that comprises of different questions based on the core theme of the entire paper. Along with this, you have to focus on the stated below features mainly:

  • Root elements that lead to the change in health and social care services
  • The main challenges that become the cause of change in health and social care
  • Different strategies and techniques of evaluating the contemporary changes in the domain
  • The overall impact in the scenario
  • Suitable service responses about the changes
  • The rules of change management with the help of different theories and models
  • Outlining and monitoring the recent changes


Unit 26 Facilitating Change in Health and Social Care (L5)

Understanding the Need for Change in Health and Social Care

LO1 Understand the factors that drive change in health and social care services (Recommended word limit 750 words)


You are a newly appointed Home Manager for ‘Liverpool Home Care’ of the elderly. The setting is a 30 bed with 24 hours care delivery. The youngest of the clients in the setting is 65 years old and the oldest is 98 years, covering a variety of ethnic backgrounds. The setting has been in operation for over 10 years now, and is noted to be one of the best care homes for the elderly in Liverpool. However, after a recent Care Quality Commission (CQC’s) visit to the care setting, a lot of shortcomings such as incidents of abuse of clients, health and safety concerns, and other issues of great concern were identified by the commissioner. Consequently, your organisation is placed on special measure, with a warning that if changes are not effected to the ways your setting’s service is delivered, it will be closed down. You have now been tasked to make changes. You are required to first write a detailed plan and explain to convince CQC within the next three months how you will bring about changes to address the identified failings so as to bring the care home up to an acceptable standard and make it, if possible, the best care home for the elderly once again in the Borough.

You are requested to produce a brochure that will be presented at the next meeting for the new staff addressing the following.

Q1. Explain the key factors that drive change in health and social care services as applied to the case scenario. [P1.1]

Q2. Assess the challenges that key factors of change bring to health and social care services. [P1.2, D2]

LO2 Be able to evaluate recent changes in health and social care services

What you must do: Produce a report. Recommended limit 1000 words


As the newly appointed deputy home manager that oversees all of the Care home in the locality of Liverpool, you have been asked by the Health and Social Board who are a bit concerned about the outcome of the CQC visit report. The board members have asked you to write a detailed plan on how you will ensure that positive changes to identified failings are implemented. You need to convince the board by writing a report showing how you will devise a strategy and adopt a criteria for measuring changes as applied to the case study. What you must do

Q3. devise a strategy and criteria for measuring recent changes in health and social care as applied to the case scenario [P2.1, M1]

Q4. Measure the impact of recent changes on health and social care services against set criteria as applied to the case scenario [P2.2]

Q5. Evaluate the overall impact of recent changes in health and social care [P2.3, D1]

Q6. Propose appropriate service responses to recent changes in health and social care services (include interviews, suggestion boxes, feedback, debate, waiting times, admissions, discharge, referrals etc) [P2.4, M2]

LO3 Understand the principles of change management.


As the manager, you observed that most of the new measures you introduced were frowned upon by most staff who resisted the change. This prompted you to undertake a course in change management and found out that most of your strategies in place were not user friendly staff and service users as you never included their views or opinions. With this in mind you attended a crash course on “change management” and understood the various principles and theories that one could implement to facilitate change in the work place and you are now expected to share this knowledge to other managers for implementation. What you must do: For Q7 – Q9, write an essay: (Recommended limit 1000 words)

Q7. Explain the key principles of change management using either Kotter’s eights steps to successful change or Leavitt’s model of change and apply it to the case scenario. [P3.1, M3]

Q8. Explain how changes in health and social care are planned. e.g. consultation, communication, top – down or bottom – up, management style, managing anxiety, staff development needs etc [P3.2]

Q9. Assess how to monitor recent changes in health and social care services as applied to the case scenario. (e.g. measuring and monitoring e.g. evaluative research surveys, customer/staff satisfaction, measures of efficiency (cost – benefit, referral rates, and case completion, waiting and response times) [P3.3, D3]

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