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SOWK 611 - Leadership and Management in the Social Work Profession and Organizations: Theory and Application

SOWK 611 - Leadership and Management in the Social Work Profession and Organizations: Theory and Application

The Leadership Discovery assignment serves two key purposes. First, students will have the opportunity to thoroughly complete a leadership self-assessment exercise. This initial assess can help guide the further development of your leadership skills and behaviors. Second, Assignment 1 will identify strengths you have, attributes you wish to augment and improve, and potential weaknesses to eliminate. An array of inputs will inform the plan, including results from the various leadership assessments and surveys you take and the views you obtained from others in the 360-Degree feedback process.

The Building Blocks: Your Strengths, Skills and Abilities

a) What strengths identified were by the Strength Based Leadership (SBL) assessment? Include a short description of each of the five strengths (the download from the Gallup site that provides brief descriptions of each theme can be useful here) and examine how the strength manifests in your work/life.

b) What strengths were revealed from other sources of information, such as the strength bombardment (success story feedback) conducted in class, the emotional intelligence assessment, and any other assessments you may have taken in this class as well as other classes or different settings?

c) What strengths were identified by others in conducting your 360-Degree feedback? For example, the emotional intelligence assessment includes a questionnaire to give to others to rate you, or perhaps you asked a coworker to give you feedback about the accuracy of the strength-based leadership results and so forth. Please identify the individuals giving you the feedback; you do not need to use their names—simply state: fellow student, friend, fieldwork supervisor and so forth (diverse, multiple sources of feedback should be utilized).

d) What strengths do you believe you have that were not revealed through any of the assessments or the 360-Degree feedback? Please briefly discuss why you think your unidentified strengths were not represented through these assessments and feedback endeavors.

e) Which of the strengths identified in a, b, and c (above) do you believe are not accurate or are questionable?

f) What strengths do you believe you currently do not have, or believe are not strong, but would like to develop (the identification can be based on the SBL text as well as your own labels of strengths not identified in SBL)?

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