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Understand and have knowledge of professional skills and continual awareness in a business environment.

Professional Skills Portfolio (PRSK4048)

Assessed Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand and have knowledge of professional skills and continual awareness in a business environment.
  2. Use appropriate technologies to facilitate the completion of self-analysis/reflection.
  3. To reflect, analyse and discuss strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities personally and academically.
  4. Understand, improve and reflect upon their own personal strengths in relation to the professional environment.

Task 1: Teamwork [weeks 1 and 2] Professional Skills Portfolio (PRSK4048)

This task consists of three parts:

  1. Belbin Questionnaire
  2. Scoring Key for Self-Perception Inventory
  3. Written Discussion (400 words)

Part 1: Belbin Questionnaire

Belbin (1996) outlines the different type of roles people may have within a team. Complete the following questionnaire to identify your main role(s). To complete the questionnaire:


1. Inthefarlefthandcolumnsineach section A-G tick the one, two or max. three sentences most applicable to yourself. You may not choose more sentences than three.

2. Then in each section A-G in the column on the right, share 10 points between those sentences (i.e. QN - question numbers) that apply to you. For example, you could give your first choice seven points and three points to your second choiceifoneofsentences you feel sums you up well while the other only applies some of the time.Insomeinstances you might decide that there are two sentences which apply to you equally – if this is the case, award five points to each. You may distribute 10 points in any way you see fit.

Part 3: Written Discussion

 Professional Skills Portfolio (PRSK4048)

In your Week 2 tutorial your task will be to choose group members for the group project, i.e. group presentation. In this evaluation:

  • discuss the rationale for the selection of your team members, taking into account Belbin team roles and various strengths as well as roles that could be assigned to your team members;
  • explain how you will allow for creativity and individualism in your team and how you will contribute to this team;
  • comment on your individual primary and secondary team roles (based on the scores above), what they represent and to what extent you agree with the outcome, using evidence of past experiences to support your position (such as the tower building task). 

Task 2: Professional Ethics [weeks 3-4] Professional Skills Portfolio (PRSK4048)

This task consists of two parts:

  1. Code of Conduct (300 words)
  2. Ethics in Industry: In-Class Writing

Part 1: Code of Conduct

This is a group task to be completed in Week 3 tutorial. With your team create a Code of Conduct which will outline the professional conduct in your team during the preparation and delivery of the Professional Skills presentation. In the space below paste a picture of your Code of Conduct which should:

  • state the name for your team you have agreed on with your team members;
  • list and explain the values that underpin the standards set by your team; 
  • outline the team’s agreements in terms of how work will be carried out and any other considerations that are importantinteamwork;
  • provide a list of specific actions for situations where work is not carried out or is not up to the standard you had envisaged or agreed to.

Part 2: Ethics in Industry: In-Class Writing

This is an in-class task to be completed in Week 4 tutorial.

In the space below paste a picture of your in-class writing. The text must include your tutor’s signature as evidence it was done in class under tutor’s supervision.

Task 3: Project Management [weeks 5-8]

This task consists of three parts:

  1. Gantt Chart
  2. Discussion (300 words)
  3. Evidence of Presentation

Part 1: Gantt Chart

 Professional Skills Portfolio (PRSK4048)

This is a group task. With your team use an Excel spreadsheet to create a Gantt chart for the Professional Skills presentation and paste a screenshot of it in the space provided. In your Gantt chart:

  • detail the key stages, i.e. summary tasks, you will take to prepare your Professional Skills presentation/video in week 9;
  • identify the task(s) for each group member, i.e. terminal tasks, and decide on start and end date for each of them;
  • consider the stages and deadlines that have to be met by your team in order to successfully deliver the presentation.

Start your answer by answering first learning outcome which requires a student to understand and have knowledge of professional skills and continual awareness in a business environment.

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