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What was the general and specific purposes of your speech?

Analysis Assignment

You must also answer these questions regarding your topics:

  1. What was the general and specific purposes of your speech?
  2. How did you decide the topic for your speech?
  3. How does this topic benefit the audience and society in general?
    1. What alternative points of view did you find in your research and what made you accept the point of view that you presented in your speech.

Please remember to check the off-limits speech topic list before you choose a topic. Also remember, you cannot submit your informative or persuasive outlines until you get full credit for each of these assignments. See the sample that’s on eCampus under the assignment link.

B. Persuasive Outline
Upload your Persuasive outline here.

Before you do, make sure…

  1. You’ve gone over the outlining infographic AND the off-limit speech topics list (Attention-getter, topic/thesis, preview of main points);
  2. You have a proper introduction and conclusion;
  3. Your sources are IN your outline and Works Cited at the end.

C. Persuasive Speech Self Assessment
One of the best ways to learn public speaking, other than actually doing it, is to analyze what factors contributed to the strengths and weaknesses of your speech. For this assessment, you will watch the video of your informative speech and assess your speech by writing a five-paragraph essay, typed and double-spaced in which you will identify your strengths and weaknesses and make recommendations for improvement. Incorporate the following elements into your essay:

A header (MLA style) is required. (example… Singer Michael Jackson: Youth, Career and Death)

  1. Introduction: Identify the general and specific purposes of your speech and summarize your topic with a thesis.

(example… The purpose of my speech is to inform my audience about the late pop singer Michael Jackson. I covered his youth, his career with the Jackson 5 and as a solo artist, and his death in 2009.)

  1. Body: How did you open with impact? (example is a statistic)
  2. What did you say to connect your topic with your audience? (example is asking a question and letting audience answer it)
  3. Was your thesis stated clearly? (Yes or no and explain why yes or why no)
  4. Did you present the main points in a clear, concise manner? (Yes, I did or No, I forgot to state them)
  5. Were transitions used between main points? (Yes, I did one-word, phrase, sentence or question and answer transitions; or no, I forgot and the instructor gave me a zero for this part)
  6. Did you provide ample support for main points? (Yes, here is where you list the sources used and recorded in NoodleTools)
  7. Did you restate your main points in the conclusion? (Yes or no)
  8. How did you close with impact? (I provided another statistic or surprising fact)
  9. Body: Using the rubric, identify your strengths. These are 5’s circled on your informative speech critique sheet. If you have no 5’s, 4’s are strengths. If you have both, mention only the 5’s.
  10. Body: Using the rubric, identify your weaknesses. These are any and all 0’s, 1’s and 2’s on your critique sheet. If your lowest point is a 3, that would be a weakness.
  11. Conclusion: State how effective you believe your speech was and how you will address weaknesses.
  12. (example… I believe my speech effectively explored the life of Michael Jackson. I earned a grade of 88. The instructor must have agreed it was effective. I could have done a better job on my posture, on my opener and my closer and will work on those weaknesses.)

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