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Working individually as a free-lance management consultant, you are asked to undertake a business strategic review of a business organisation/company (the selection of which must be agreed in advance with the tutor) with particular emphasis on the four headings listed below.

Guidance on the preparation of a consultants’ report should be critically evaluated.

All sources of information (including figures and diagrams) MUST be properly cited in the text or captions using Harvard citation style (a preferred method for science & technology). The sources should then be listed in the Reference section using a standard format.

Summary or Abstract (this section should be written jointly)

This section should be written last (i.e. after the rest of the report has been prepared). It should give an overview of the key findings/specific information contained in the report including the suggestions for the “next” step.

1.0 Introduction (this section should be written jointly)

This section should set the scene and outline the rationale for the investigation. Without using bullet points, the strengths and weaknesses of the client (Volkswagen) should be identified. An explanation should be offered, with justification, as to why the consultants believe that Volkswagen has something ‘special or unique’ to offer that permits the company to expand overseas.

Overseas – where?

Must be mentioning about Leadership crisis because of deceiving emissions standards.

Think of a region, then narrow it down to a specific country where Volkswagen’s unique product/services will be valued by potential customers – who are they ? Identify potential customers’ requirements in the chosen country and explain why the apparent business opportunities have not been adequately addressed by others (competitors). Show how YCL’s strengths will map onto these requirements, thus filling a perceived ‘business gap’. How big is the potential market ? Who are the competitors ?

2.0 Case studies (this section should be written individually)

This section should focus on learning lessons from other “partnership or joint-venture” companies operating in the chosen country, as Volkswagen has no previous experience of bidding for businesses overseas. Two joint-venture companies should be examined as case studies - one successful and one less successful. (One successful joint-venture company should be considered for those authorised to undertake individual assignments). Size does not matter as the consultants are expected to examine mainly common or generic issues. Without using bullet points, factors (such as PESTEL or PORTER’s five forces) affecting the business operations (directly or indirectly) of these joint-venture companies should be discussed. It may be useful to summarise the key findings in a table !

3.0 Potential impact on Volkswagen s existing business operations (this section should be written individually)

Expanding its business overseas will almost certain affect the existing business operations of YCL (cause-and-effect ?) This is where each consultant will examine the practical issues associated with two areas of interest if Volkswagen were to expand its business into the chosen country. The discussion should be given in the context of the assignment and NO bullet points.

4.0 Evaluation (this section should be written individually)

Having done the research and undertook information analysis, each consultant is expected to reflect on the key findings/issues and offer his/her ‘professional’ views on addressing Volkswagen’s desire to expand its business overseas. This section should be concluded by offering suggestions on the way forward (i.e. the next step). One of the suggestions should be proposed for consideration by the clients as the next step, with the justification to be given in the business case.

5.0 Business case (this section should be prepared jointly)

Taking the “next step” will consume resources, hence there is a need to provide justification for the recommendation.

References (this section should be prepared jointly) Bibliography (this section should be prepared jointly) Use the Harvard referencing system when listing sources.

I. Assessment Requirements

Working individually as a free-lance management consultant, you are asked to undertake a business strategic review of a business organisation/company (the selection of which must be agreed in advance with the tutor) with particular emphasis on the four headings listed below. A consultant report is to be prepared detailing/discussing the work undertaken with key findings for consideration by the client company.

1. Leadership.

2. Business Organisation and Culture.

3. Business Sustainability and Growth.

4. Corporate Governance

The outcomes of the review should be critically evaluated in the context of the assignment and be discussed with supporting evidence/examples under the four specific headings listed above. The report must not exceed 2500 word. The word count excludes tables, figures and references. No appendices are permitted. Harvard referencing system must be used

II. Assessment Details

Supported by good background research based on a range of publications, the report should seek to integrate knowledge when discussing the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threat (or challenges) being faced by the client company. The rationale for the investigation should be clearly stated with the scope of the study properly defined, with constraints and assumptions highlighted. Critical evaluation/discussion of the investigation should be supported by evidence in the form of well-researched examples wherever appropriate. Sources of information must be properly cited throughout the report using the Harvard referencing system, together with a list of references to be given in alphabetical order. The report should conclude with a set of recommendations with justification including the associated cost and benefit analysis. 

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