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Write a critical literature review of the chosen topic area and identify the key emerging issues.

Assignment Task

Choose ONE of the topic areas below.

  • Global Staffing and Talent Management
  • Global Training and Development
  • Global Compensation
  • Global Performance Management
  • International Employee Voice
  • Labour Standards and Ethics

Write a critical literature review of the chosen topic area and identify the key emerging issues.

This assignment entails examining a range of relevant academic and practitioner sources to identify different perspectives on the chosen topic.

Your work will be assessed in terms of three key criteria (for a detailed description of the criteria, please see the assessment feedback grid provided in the Module Handbook):

1) Focus on question;

2) Depth of knowledge; and

3) Written quality. 

A good literature review evaluates rather than simply reproduces existing arguments. Do not make unsubstantiated generalisations and do not rely simply on describing and/or listing a series of disparate points from different sources.

Not every source will be of equal worth. You need to show that you have used your sources selectively to develop a well-informed and balanced assessment of the key debates and issues within the literature on the chosen topic. Use the Harvard referencing system.Pay attention to presentation and layout. Keep it simple. Use sub-headings where appropriate to guide the reader through your work. If you need help with this arrange to see someone at the BLASC desk in the library.


This assignment focuses on examining concepts, frameworks, and models for understanding approaches to managing human resources and employment relations in an international context.

Suggested structure of the report

Cover page

This should include the title of your report which should indicate the topic of your choice, student number and word count. DO NOT include your name. This part is excluded from the word limit.

Content page

Provide a list of sections with page numbers (excluded from the word limit).


Short introduction to the report setting out what the aims and objectives of the report are, what the report will cover and why.

Main body

(Critically review the relevant literature in your chosen topic area)

The review of the literature need to show:

a)                  a clear identification of the emerging issues (one or more) for your review

b)                  What has been written already about the identified issue(s) in the existing studies (e.g. key themes, aspects and major findings etc...)

c)                  What has not been fully discussed, what could be further addressed in the future studies and why.

It is not enough simply to identify the main writers and describe their ideas. A literature review needs to be a critical activity. This means that by the time you have completed your reading you should have an understanding of the current state of thinking in the field of study.


This section should draw together the main points from your review, and highlight the importance of your critical review.


A full list of all sources of information used must be included (websites, books, journal articles). This should follow the Harvard system and be presented in alphabetical order by Author’s surname (excluded from the word limit).


1.5/2 line spacing and font size 12 (Arial or Times New Roman) is recommended.


The report must be up to 3000 words, excluding the cover, contents page, references and appendices. Reports that exceed this limit by more than 10%, will have 10% deducted from the mark (70% is reduced by 7 marks to 63%).

Assessment Criteria

See the attached assessment grid.

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