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Write a note of the case of R v Gurpinar; Kojo-Smith (2015), to include:- - The names and references of the various Law Reports in which you found the case(s);

LLB Criminal Law

Module Code: LW40048E4

Level 4

Weighting: 40%

Complete the following 3 tasks:


Write a note of the case of R v Gurpinar; Kojo-Smith (2015), to include:-

-       The names and references of the various Law Reports in which you found the case(s);

-       The names of the courts in which the case(s) was/were heard at each stage of the proceedings;

-       The names of the judges who heard the case(s) at the highest court;

-       A précis of the facts;

-       A précis of the highest court’s decision;

-       The highest court’s reasoning for the decision (ratio decidendi);


On completing the first task, state your opinion of the decision of the highest court. Critically appraise the Court`s decision to decline to provide further guidance to clarify the uncertainty as to the definition of `loss of self-control`.


Review and discuss academic commentaries on the case in various law journals. Has the case been critically appraised by any academic authors? Do you agree or disagree with such critical appraisals?


  • Please submit via Turnitin by Monday 8th July 2019, 11.59 AM (i.e. 1 MINUTE BEFORE NOON/MIDDAY)
  • Failure to submit to TURNITIN will result in a nil mark.
  • Your work must be word-processed or typed.
  • Please use double spacing and leave a margin all around the page.
  • Word limit: 1,500 words max. (1,650 words inclusive of narrative footnotes but not inclusive of footnoted citations and Bibliography)
  • Do not state your name on your script.
  • Please keep a copy of your work.

Please ensure that you use your own words and/or attribute accurately. Acquaint yourself with UWL’s rules and procedures concerning plagiarism. Please note that any finding of guilt resulting from plagiarised work will be printed on your transcript or other relevant document. This may seriously jeopardise your chances of becoming a qualified lawyer and/or other future employment.                                                                                                      

                                        Assessment Criteria

You will be credited for demonstrating:

  • Adherence to instructions; i.e. all 3 tasks have been attempted.
  • An understanding of the relevant learning styles.
  • The case note is structured correctly.
  • The case note is presented with correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.
  • Clear, accurate and coherent expression.
  • Proper referencing and citation using the OSCOLA method.

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