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You will be able to develop understandings of the nature and impact of cultural differences at a personal and a business level

Cross Cultural Management

Learning outcomes assessed within this piece of work as agreed at the programme level meeting


You will be able to develop understandings of the nature and impact of cultural differences at a personal and a business level


You will be able to apply cross-cultural management techniques to a diverse range of issues and develop mindfulness of yourself and others in order to operate effectively and sensitively within cross-cultural teams

  1. Podcast & Script 50%

Group podcast and written script which responds to a range of CCM issues in a single case study. The marks will be awarded for both elements of the assessment.  The script will be submitted via Turnitin. The podcast audio file will be submitted online. If the podcast is not submitted the written element will not be marked and a mark of 0% will be recorded for this part of the assessment.

The case study describes an organisation that is experiencing some problems. Your group should address some of these problems by relating them to a minimum of three to a maximum of five topics that have been covered  in lectures. The group should choose a minimum of one topic from each of the three categories listed below (maximum 5 topics altogether) and apply them to the selected problems that you have found in the case study. This application should be such that each problem identified in the given case must be applied to the mentioned minimum of one to a maximum of five topics chosen by the group. It is the problems that should be identified first before each is applied to the topics in the combinations mentioned

The topics are:

1-      Category One

  • National Culture
  • Organisational Culture

2-      Category Two

  • Leadership
  • Communication and Negotiation
  • Organisational Structure
  • Diversity

3-      Category three

  • Motivation and HRM
  • Ethics and CSR

In the scripted podcast your group will describe the problems in the case study, use theories to analyse them and make specific recommendations for possible solutions.

You will work in groups of 5 or 6 to produce the podcast and accompanying script. This podcast will present your group’s analysis and recommendations. It will include approximately 2 minutes of spoken input from each group member. It will receive a group mark where all members of the group receive the same mark, which is 50% of the assessment for the course. You must submit the script of the podcast as well as the audio file.  

 Part 1:

Script – 500 words

You have to write 500 words about Brett Jones unorthodox self-integration into aspect of tanzanian culture ( this is the issue which I chose to discuss from the case study) and the topic is organizational culture.

-You have to evaluate, explain why this problem exist, describe and analyse it.

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