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1. Design experiment(s) and analyze/interpret data on material testing

ME 312 Mechanics of Materials II

Fall 2019

Assignment on Tensile Testing


This assignment requires an essay on designing an experiment to determine:

a) strain ratio, R

b) anisotropic properties (along and perpendicular to rolling direction) due to effect of processing on mechanical properties of materials

While discussion between students are allowed and encouraged to fertilize ideas, each essay must be the result of individual work.

Learning outcome

1. Design experiment(s) and analyze/interpret data on material testing

2. Apply knowledge on material structure, property, processing and performance to determine the strain ratio, R

3. Develop professional and ethical responsibility in using international codes and standards in engineering practice

4. Develop awareness of global, safety and economic factors in engineering practice


As the production manager of a company manufacturing sheet metal, you are tasked with qualifying a new rolling process to produce steel sheets. The sheets 1.25 mm thick and 1 m wide. The company requires mechanical data of the steel sheets namely:

  1. Ultimate Tensile strength
  2. Young’s modulus
  3. Fracture strength
  4. Strain ratio, R
  5. Anisotropic mechanical properties of the steel sheet

Discuss clearly how you would design and conduct experiment(s) to obtain the above data. Describe clearly, whenever appropriate, the use of standards and types of equipment and accessories.

State clearly any assumption you make Requirements of the essay. The essay must:

• be an original work that is individually written (it will be checked for plagiarism)

• not be more than 5 pages in total including references etc. The body of the essay may contain figures not exceeding a maximum of one A4 page in total

• list references. It is preferred that references be from technical sources such journal papers, standards, codes

• be typed written using Calibri Body font, size 11, single spacing between lines.

• not exceed 2.5 MB (for each file)

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