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Analyse advanced forecasting techniques in the planning and control of logistics networks

55-702441 Logistics and Enterprise Information Systems

Vector Valves Ltd (Assignment 1)





55-702441 Logistics and Enterprise Information Systems

Module Leader:

Insert Name.

Assignment number/title:

Vector Valves Ltd (Assignment 1)

Academic contact for guidance:

Insert Name.

Maximum word count or number of pages:


Percentage contribution to overall module mark:


Deadline for submission:


Method and Location for Submission:

Choose an item.Blackboard Submission

TurnIt In and main Submission Point

Deadline for return of feedback:

DD/MM/YY at 15:00.

Module learning outcomes to be assessed:

  • Analyse advanced forecasting techniques in the planning and control of logistics networks and
  • Critically appraise the role and type of information systems in a logistics Network.
  • The above should be achieved through completing this assignment:
  • To further develop students’ analytical and managerial skills on Logistics Planning and Control issues.
  • To clearly define the main problems with the methods of logistics planning and control in use at Vector.
  • To recommend an approach to forecasting and demand management that Vector`s should adopt.
  • To review Vector`s major approach to master planning and inventory control and recommend improvement.

References/recommended reading:

1) Prof Sameh Saad’s lecture notes and in class discussion

2) Slack, Jones and Johnsons, (2016), Operations Management. 8th Edition, Pearson.

3) Selected journal papers by S. Saad, which will be provided to the students on time.

Please ensure that all sources of information used are referenced. For guidance see http://libguides.shu.ac.uk/referencing

All assessments are subject to SHU`s collusion and plaigiarism regulations.  Please refer to:



Please read the attached Vector Valves Case and produce One short report, maximum of 2000 words (excluding diagram and calculations if any).

Taking the role of a consultant, write a report to Vector`s Managing Director, covering:

Vector`s major problems and approaches should be adopted with the following:

(a) Forecasting and demand management

(b) Master schedule

(c) Inventory control


  1. Forecasting and demand management                                          30 marks
  2. Master schedule                                                                                      30 marks
  3. Inventory control                                                                                     30 marks
  4. Structure and Presentation                                                                 10 marks

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