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Assessment 3- Case Management Supervision Role Play


Assessment 3- Case Management Supervision Role Play

This assessment was designed to allow you to demonstrate your interpersonal, facilitation, supervision, critical thinking, listening and problem solving skills, in addition to your knowledge of case management processes, ethical standards and related legislation.


Read the case study in the next section. You are then to record a video of yourself acting in the role of Case Manager Team Leader completing a case management supervision session.

The video needs to show evidence of the following:

  • You must provide advice on culturally specific workers and/or organisation that the Case Manager could use in relation to their client.
  • You must let the Case Manager about other services and approaches that could be useful for their client.
  • You must inform the Case Manager of their duty of care and mandatory reporting responsibilities in relation to the client, in addition to limits to confidentiality.
  • You must inform the Case Manager about the importance of getting the client’s consent to consult with other stakeholders, in addition to the informing them about the benefits of communicating with stakeholders.
  • The Case Manager will bring the client’s case plan (see the Case Plan attachment for this assessment) to the meeting and you look through it together.  You must provide feedback on the client case note, ensuring that your feedback is line with organisation procedures and legislative requirements.

The video needs to be at least 10 minutes in duration.

You can use a fellow student to play the role of the Case Manager if you need to. Otherwise a family member or friend can be used.  Videos can be recorded at the College or another suitable environment.  The person playing the role of the Case Manager will need to read through the case study and the case plan to get an understanding of what is involved.

If your recording is too large to submit- please in your assessment submission provide a link to a YouTube video (videos can be set to private- you just need to include the password in your submission) or Dropbox.

Case Study

You are a Case Manager Team Leader at a Neighbourhood Centre.  One of the Case Managers on your team (Mary) is a new graduate and she has only been with the organisation for a couple of month.  This is her first position in the community services field.  Mary conducted an intake interview last week with a new client John- a young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander man.  John presented to the centre needing assistance with finding permanent housing.  John would also like to find employment, and would like to reduce his alcohol intake.  Mary would like some assistance to support John, and would also like you to review the case plan she did for John.

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