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For each section carry out in-depth research about the Ford company in Saudi Arabia, based on the topics covered during module and on your own research.

Instructions of the assignment

The assignment has to be written in an academic writing style and in the master level of education.

For each section carry out in-depth research about the Ford company in Saudi Arabia, based on the topics covered during module and on your own research. For further information please use the lectures that I provided in attachment files to understand the concept of the assignment.

Please use a scientific reference.

In the end, I need to carry out an evaluation of the company’s strategy and market position.

(The business chose and the international context must represent different countries or regions. Examples of how the home country, which is the US of the company and the studied country which is in Saudi the difference between the two countries have to be included)

- Saudi Arabia

- Original home of Ford company.

For example, Ikea (a Swedish company) and a study of their international business in a Middle Eastern country.

The report will be detailed and with a critical analysis of Ford company and its activities in Saudi Arabia. The total number of words has to be 7000 words. Please explain with support with examples each points below The report must cover all these topics with examples and support with pictures and charts:

1. The context of international business for Ford company (700 words). I need to identify and put some example related to this topic. Please use the refrence below and explain the two outline.

1. Global economy and country competitiveness.

2. Key economic data and trends.

2. Explain the strategies for global businesses (for Ford company) (700 words).

1. Strategic analysis.

2. Strategic development.

3. Stakeholders in the international business (for Ford company) (700 words).

4. Cross-cultural management and leadership (for Ford company) (700 words).

1. Country or regional cultural comparisons (in Saudi Arabia).

2. Managing the cross-cultural organization (of Saudi Arabia).

5. International trade and investment (of Ford company) (700 words).

1. International trade (for Ford company).

2. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) (for Ford company).

6. International marketing (in Saudi Arabia) (700 words)

. 1. Market intelligence and market analysis (in Saudi Arabi).

2. Market segmentation (in Saudi Arabia).

3. Managing the marketing mix (8Ps) ( in Saudi Arabia)

7. Global business operations (for Ford company) (700 words).

1. The value chains.

2. The supply chains. (must mention GIS logistic)

3. Managing quality

8. Technology and the international business (for Ford company) (700 words).

1. Enterprise business, information systems and iMobile Platform

2. Use of Social media impact and effect in global business (on Ford company).

3. IS Robotics and impact on human resources in the global organizational context.

9. Cyber Security Initiative and Business Policies including (for Ford company) (700 words):

1. Risks, control and mitigation.

2. Research development agenda for global business expansion. Compared between US, Saudi and Indian markets in terms of prices and sales

10. Conclusion, Summary and Recommendation of the research findings and analysis (700 words).

7000 words

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