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LO1 Explain different purposes of mathematical information used in healthcare practice


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 Effective Healthcare Practice using Maths


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Effective Healthcare Practice using Maths

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Submission Format:

You are to submit an A4 word-processed document. The choice of font face, font size and line spacing are left to your discretion. However, as a professional report, clarity and readability are critically important. You are encouraged to use diagrams, charts and graphics to help to explain the topics. Any material (images, drawings, diagrams, text) that is derived from other sources must be suitably referenced using a standard form of citation. The recommended word limit is 2,000–3000 words. While you will not be penalised for exceeding the total word limit, you must keep in mind that being clear and concise are key features of professional documents.

Unit Learning Outcomes:


Explain different purposes of mathematical information used in healthcare practice


Apply mathematical methods accurately to report on and work to improve individuals’ health status


Investigate the scientific rationale of the mathematical methods and information used to predict health outcomes


Assess the implications of the use of mathematical methods and scientific rationales for healthcare practice

Assignment Brief and Guidance:

Scenario 1:

As part of your role within clinical care setting you have taken on responsibility for mentoring a group of new nursing staff a level 3 qualification. You have been asked to produce a training resource including a pack and presentation to develop the mathematical skills and scientific understanding of new staff members. This resource has to be based on your own practice so that the relevance of the skills to the job roles is obvious to new staff members.
There are four Tasks to the resource:


 An introduction to the place of work and a range of mathematical information used in a healthcare context. This will include a justification of the use of the different kinds of information and an evaluation of how effective the information is for its designated purpose. You must ensure that you describe the different types and sources of information, what the challenges are in obtaining the primary data and include how it is shown to be valid, and reliable. And discuss the different purposes of that information.( Approximately 1000 words )


A PowerPoint presentation demonstrating two examples of each of the different mathematical information as detailed in the essential content section of the Unit and reporting on data that you have collected in your workplace. The presentation must explain why you have used the different methods. Your presentation must include an evaluation of the appropriateness of the mathematical methods you have performed to solve health concerns and predict health outcomes.
Presentation must be approximately 15 minutes long.


A briefing paper that analyses and explains the mathematical methods used in healthcare, based on the relevant science, outlining the scientific rationale for the data that has been used.( Approximately 1,500 words)


A final section for the pack that justifies and explains the procedures used to reduce the likelihood of mistakes caused by limitations in mathematical skills and scientific understanding. This should include a discussion of the potential consequences for the service user if a member of staff lacks the sufficient mathematical and scientific understanding to address the problems they have identified ( Approximately 500 words)

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