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YOU need to choose an occupational therapy intervention which is used in practice for a specific patient/service user group

Student instructions for the assignment:

YOU need to choose an occupational therapy intervention which is used in practice for a specific patient/service user group. This could be an individual, group or family intervention which is aimed at enabling the person/group to improve or maximise his/her/their occupational performance.

The Powerpoint presentation related to the assessment can be found here (to follow)

You could use a case study format for this assignment; however this is NOT essential.

In your assignment you should include the following:


  • The purpose of this assignment and what you intend to cover
  • An introduction to the person(s) (or group), his/her/their condition/disability, and potential occupational performance needs; include the context and setting in which intervention(s) takes place.
  • Give a brief overview of how  occupational performance may be affected.

Main body:

  • Appraise the range of possible interventions and specify which you will focus on; and how this specific intervention addresses the occupational performance needs 
  • Indicate and evaluate the evidence-base for the intervention and indicate how this supports occupational performance and occupational participation
  • Consider the personal, environmental and occupational factors that may impact upon occupational therapy interventions. You should also include any financial, resource, staffing and commissioning considerations.
  • Distinguish and justify which occupational therapy core skills are used whilst carrying this intervention


  • What are the key points for occupational therapy practitioners in relation to the intervention(s)
  • Indicate how the chosen intervention enables occupational performance; is the evidence-base strong or weak?
  • Are there areas which need further thought or research?

You MUST use the university approved system for references. Use this link which provides the correct advice:http://library.sgul.ac.uk/images/helpsheets/User%20Helpsheets/HarvardReferencing_A42019-2020_v01.pdf

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