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The association between the effects of trauma on motivated forgetting

PSYC1119 Cognitive Psychology & Neuroscience Notes 

3000-word literature review, must show critical understanding of cognitive theory and research.

Title of literature review: The association between the effects of trauma on motivated forgetting’. Please include the following information below:

  • Mechanisms of memory                          
  • Model of memory and how it works
  • Historical context where it came from/ influential ideas
  • What up to date Is currently shows
  • What processes allows motivated forgetting.
  • The ability to suppress memory
  • How in relation to trauma. What happens and why we do this. As a coping mechanism in relation to memory.
  • Cognitive theories and memory aspects

Structure of literature review:

  1. Abstract (150 words)
  2. Introduction (critically evaluate strengths and weaknesses of theories in this field) (500 words)
  3. Main Body (2000 words)
    - Methodology used in the studies exploring your topic
    - Applications of the research
    - Future directions
  4. Conclusions (350 words)
    - Addressing contrasting viewpoints
  5. References

Please include 35 references
To also include these references:
Eysenck & Keane`s (2020) Cognitive Psychology. (8th Ed.): Chapter 6 & 7

Atkinson, R. C., & Shiffrin, R. M. (1968). Human memory: A proposed system and its control processes. Psychology of Learning and Motivation, 2(4), 89-195
Anderson, M. C., & Huddleston, E. (2012). Towards a cognitive and neurobiological model of motivated forgetting. In True and false recovered memories (pp. 53- 120). Springer, New York, NY
Epstein, M. A., & Bottoms, B. L. (2002). Explaining the forgetting and recovery of abuse and trauma memories: Possible mechanisms. Child maltreatment, 7(3), 210-225.
Hardt, O., Nader, K., & Nadel, L. (2013). Decay happens: the role of active forgetting in memory. Trends in cognitive sciences, 17(3), 111-120.


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