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With reference to academic literature discuss social identity theory in relation to your chosen case study. Include a critique of your chosen literature

INDU 1107

Select ONE question from the list, apply the theory to your chosen case study.

All case studies must be recent (within the last 5 years, maximum 10 years)

  1. With reference to academic literature discuss social identity theory in relation to your chosen case study. Include a critique of your chosen literature. 

THE INDIVIDUAL ESSAY (worth 80%, 2,500 words)

Following your presentation, you will continue to work with your team on the case study but you will submit an individual essay. Remember, refer to tutor feedback following the presentation.  

  • Briefly describe the case
  • Outline the issues/features you identified in the case study
  • Use theory to analyse, critique and evaluate the case study
  • Conclude your essay and follow with a short self-reflection using Rolfe’s Reflective Model (recommended 300 – 400 words, this is included in the total wordcount of 2,500, references do not count towards the wordcount)

Guidance to self-reflection

Provide a self-reflection on your role in the group work using Rolfe et al.’s (2001) reflective model. Rolfe et al.’s (2001) reflective model is based upon three simple questions: What? So what? Now what?

Below is a list of questions that you may choose to answer in response to the three elements. It may be appropriate you only select one question from each section. The reflective tutorial week 14th March may offer valuable insights to inform the self-reflection. 


… is the problem/difficulty/ reason for being stuck/reason for feeling bad/reason we don’t get on with working together as a group?

… was my role in the situation - follower or leader in the group?

… was I in this role trying to achieve?

… actions did I take in this role?

… was the response of others?

… were the consequences for the group? Myself? Others?

So what?

… does this tell me/teach me/imply/mean about me/my group/others/our relationship and the leadership in our group?

… was going through my mind as I acted in the respective role?

… did I base my actions on?

… could/should I have done to make it better?

… is my new understanding of the situation?

… broader issues arise from the situation?

Now what?

… do I need to do in order to make working in groups better in the future?

… action could I take in order to facilitate leadership in student group work?

… broader issues need to be considered if this action is to be successful?

… might be the consequences of this action?

This guide has been adapted from: Rolfe, G., Freshwater, D., Jasper, M. (2001) Critical reflection in nursing and the helping professions: a user’s guide. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Instructions for individual essay and reflection

  1. This portfolio is due by 6 April 2022
  2. Write in a basic essay format
  3. Write in proper academic style, use ‘third person’ narrative. Harvard-style in-text citation and referencing.
  4. Utilise at least 10 academic-style resources in the Essay. Ensure that you use only a small number of internet sources, and that those selected are appropriate references to support an original academic essay.
  5. Do not copy any materials you use word for word unless you identify these sections clearly as quotations and provide accurate in text referencing and acknowledgement in the reference list.
  6. If you paraphrase (i.e. rewrite any materials in your own words) you must identify the materials’ sources through in-text referencing and acknowledgement in the reference list.

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