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Critically evaluating relevant models, what leadership approach would you advise the business to take?

Essay: Lenovo at the Crossroads.

2000 Words

The assignment requires you to evaluate the case study of “Lenovo at the Crossroads: Coronavirus Meets Complexity.”

As Lenovo began to consider a post-pandemic strategy, the Chief Strategy Officer reflected on the challenges ahead:

“I am left wondering how can Lenovo best position itself at the intersection of globalisation, technology backed 3S strategy, and manufacturing / supply chain challenges posed by the

coronavirus outbreak? How can Lenovo not only survive our current crisis but continue to thrive on the global stage?”

Applying the knowledge that you have gained in the module, your personal experiences and insights from relevant literature, you are to provide an essay in response to the following questions:

For the 3s model to work, Lenovo’s leaders will need to master two challenges: (10 ensuring that each of its heretofore stand-alone businesses continues to generate profitable revenue streams, and (2) figuring out how to manage the immense complexity the 3s model imposes.

Is this too much to demand?

Critically evaluating relevant models, what leadership approach would you advise the business to take?

Social Exchange Theory

Strategy-as-Practice (SAP)

  • Emerged from the processual approach and the broader ‘practice turn’ in social sciences.
  • It comprises three interrelated components:

─ Practices: routines of behaviour regarding strategy

─ Praxis: concrete activities and actions that are actually undertaken in pursuit of strategy development and implementation

─ Practitioners: Those who undertake strategy work and who bring their own

individual interpretations, skills and ways of working to the practice of strategy.

Four theories of resistance

  • Theory 1 –Cognitive Dissonance.
  • Theory 2 –The Depth of Intervention.
  • Theory 3 –The Psychological Contract .
  • Theory 4 –Dispositional Resistance.

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