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Develop healthy responses,Establish boundaries,Learn how to relax, self kindness

Presenting challenges of the client is  Work Stress/ work Permanence 

Siya (name changed) is  a successful and ambitious computer engineer at a large tech company. He  was known for his ability to handle high-pressure situations and to deliver results under tight deadlines.Despite his successes, however, he struggled to manage his work target and because of the pressure from the management which grew every day.  Because of this pressure he found himself  getting frustrated and angry when things didn`t go as planned. He started to lose self control over his emotions and saw signs of anger at work. He feels no matter how much he tries to meet his target he just can`t because his manager`s expectation is too high.His team lead was concerned at how things were unfolding  Siya work performance and behavior deteriorating . His  inability to rein in his temper was causing a high level of tension in his team and they were not meeting targets as the team. The team lead was also concerned about Siya`s mental health. 

His team leader, knowing his talent is worth nurturing , decided to offer him the support of a coach to help him work through his issues and challenges to be able to realise his full potential . Siya took up the offer and resolved to approach coaching with an open mind and make the best use of the opportunity.


Develop healthy responses,Establish boundaries,Learn how to relax, self kindness


Help the client to understand the root causes of the performance anxiety. I did this by asking questions , listening actively, and showing empathy. 


we use tools like self-assessment quizzes and I give clients daily tasks to boost their confidence back and focus. 

Session : 6 sessions

During these 6 sessions the clients improved and worked toward their goals. Following the client`s agenda was one of the pillars for this coaching relationship, I kept checking in from  client throughout sessions to see if the client was still fine and comfortable with the coaching and getting the feedback from client was helpful to see if we were still aligning  with clients agenda and goals.  The coach reviews the objective of the client and every session and makes them clarify to the client before the next session starts.The coach asks the questions to help the client gain insight about their goals.I allowed the client to make their own decision and created the environment which made the client feel contable to speak about any thing.


The client was  able to explore what was happening with him, Making sense of his emotions and able to examine and challenge  his thoughts and beliefs. The client was able to reflect on those behaviours including how they contributed to his stress. This kind of exploration created a sense of clarity and direction in a client`s goals. The client was  able to reflect on their personal environment such as work and home environment. This helped the clients to recognise his personal context including relationship, family pressure outside the work.Siya was able to reflect on feeling of insecurity at the workplace. This reflection included the archiving organizational expectations and the impact of organizational expectations in his attitudes toward stress. At the end of our coaching session the client was able to attain his coaching goals and was able to formulate  his own perspective and with different appropriate solutions .  

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