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1) Critically analyse and apply a number of theoretical models and their potential for developing strategy and supporting strategic decisions.

BUS6002 Strategic Management

Learning Outcomes:

After completing the module, you should be able to:

1) Critically analyse and apply a number of theoretical models and their potential for developing strategy and supporting strategic decisions.

2) Analyse theoretical developments in strategy.

3) Support the development of organisational strategies and plans.

4) Critically assess the impact of strategy making in an increasingly volatile and turbulent environment.

5) Appreciate the significance of and the difficulties in formulating and implementing strategy.

Case Study Organisation: Twitter

Produce a Report for Twitter’s CEO that addresses the following questions based on the case, your own research and relevant strategic management theories:

1. a) Analyse and justify what makes the Twitter strategy formulation approach both deliberate and emergent. Evaluate the limitations of both approaches to strategy formulation (15 Marks, 600 words)

b) Explain why the development of strategic management is important for the major players in the microblogging and social networking industry? (5 Marks, 200 words)

2. a) Critically analyse the competitive environment facing Twitter in the social networking industry. Evaluate the balance of opportunities and threats.

b) Evaluate the strategic capability of Twitter using the Value, Rare, Imitability and Organisational Support (VRIO) framework. What lessons, if any, can other companies learn from your analysis and evaluation in this task? You should again apply appropriate strategic management concepts and frameworks to achieve an effective evaluation of the resources and competences of Twitter. (20 Marks, 800 words)

3. a) Critically analyse Twitter’s current strategies and propose a range of practical alternative future strategies for possible adoption by the organisation. In completing this task, you should apply one or more of the following frameworks to generate strategic options: Porter’s Generic Strategies, the Strategy clock, TOWS matrix or the BCG matrix. (20 Marks, 800 words)

b) Using the SAF (Suitability, Acceptability and Feasibility) strategic model, select and justify the strategy that you believe Twitter should pursue in the future. You should ensure that your selection aligns with the outcomes of your analyses in question 2. (20 Marks, 800 words)

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